• Happy 2013!!!


    Happy 2013!


    We’re back from a rich and inspired retreat in the South of France making new friends and sharing Earth Wisdom.  We were received in a warm welcoming embrace and will be back again a few times this year to continue the work.  I want to thank our dear friend Brandt Morgan for the introduction to this lovely community.  To close the door on 2012 this way was pure magic!


    I don’t know about you, but the shift into 2013 has been pulling me to rest.  I am feeling the impulses of my body very strongly and they are demanding integration.  For me, 2012 was a continual ride of heightening and expanding.  So much so that I have lost my skill of language to describe.  Yesterday, my friend Kate asked “With all that happened last year, what did you learn?”


    Two things stand out (as it will take too long to list them all!) -


    One: the Tipi and Sweat Lodge trials we experienced throughout the year.  I learned about polarity.  The extremes of light and dark and most poignant, the understanding of the place they dissolve into “is-ness”.  I learned about my own capacity to hold the line through the chaos.  I learned about the energy of anger and how in right relation it is a catalyst force wanting to clear old beliefs and expand awareness.  I learned to have more compassion for myself and others.  I learned how to trust more in the divine intelligence of Spirit.  And now we sit with the 2012 year in review in our local paper with our Tipi event with the monks featured as Best Photo of 2012.  What a shift!!  PURE LOVE! Ultimately this lesson reinforced that what Spirit has in store for us is far more brilliant than we could ever craft for ourselves – so I continue to drop what I think I know and simply trust….


    Two: My fathers illness.  I am still learning here.  And what I know thus far is these times are reinforcing that anything out of balance is coming into correction.  We have no time to remain blind to what is wanting to heal in our hearts.  I’m learning even more about my own capacity to heal.  What it looks like to stand for the healing of family and lineage.  There is much surfacing NOW for humanity to heal and I am seeing the line we have been carrying through the density of our ancestral lineages runs deep.   Many have said “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”, and I believe this to be so.  We are the ones stewarding the space for the youth.  They are the ones.  We are here to clean up our lineage of distortion and trauma to liberate the youth as they will lead us into this next evolution.  For us we must find our courage, which is not the absence of fear but the capacity to move into right action in spite of it.


    I have been reflecting on all I have learned and it feels like lifetimes of epiphanies in the short timeframe of only twelve months!


    And you? What have you learned?


    It is one thing to understand and contextualize meaning yet another to viscerally experience it, yes?


    The more I experience the more easily I seem to drop ideals and ideas of what I thought I knew about anything.  Especially “God”.


    What is God for you?


    For me Consciousness is God.  Nature is God.


    There are many names we call God by.  Goddess, Spirit, Nature, Brahman, Yahweh, The Light, Elohim, Universe, Allah, Jesus, Supreme Being, Mohammed, Great Spirit, Tunkashela, Universe.  We have many ways of referencing God energy which I believe is simply Pure Consciousness.


    We often say “the universe is supporting me”.  This indicates intelligence at play.  The universe is vastly intelligent and whatever our name for this conscious intelligence, the game of being human – incarnate in the form of body – is one of becoming more and more refined.  Clear.  Universal.  Discovering this intelligence of God as WHO WE ARE.  That which connects us with the energy of all that is.  WE ARE the essence and substance of GOD.


    Whatever the word, I am learning that what matters most is the practice of Devotion.   As I sit here today, I realize that Devotion has been my greatest teacher this past year.  I am learning through devotion the perfection in everything.  Through devotion I am learning more about exchange, acceptance, allowance, surrender, trust, expansion, and truth.


    For me, Devotion is sourcing the purity of spirit in everything, everyone, and every experience.  With no preference for what fits in to “good or bad”, “right or wrong”, but rather the totality of the “IS-ness”.  Devotion requires exchange.  I come with an offering from my heart.  An offering of humility and not-knowing.  I am willing to give something in return.  I am committed to consciousness and as such I exchange my willingness to keep my eyes open to receive ALL of the lessons life brings me in ALL ways. Even the ones that may not feel good.


    Lessons come in many forms.  ALL lessons teach us about the governing principle of the universe which is LOVE.  Keeping my heart and eyes open allows the energies of ascension to weave more light vibrations throughout my form, dissolving the rigidity of what I formerly “knew” about anything such that I am able to receive the purity of wisdom in the moment….well that feels like love!


    Wisdom and Knowledge are different vibrations.  I experience knowledge as that which my intelligence translates into understanding through language; and I experience wisdom as that which my heart and body intuitively KNOW to be so without any need for context or understanding.  Devotional Practice strengthens ones capacity to receive from the Morphic Field of Wisdom.


    How does one practice Devotion?  If it is unfamiliar, simply begin with consciously creating reflective time – conscious breathing, meditating, walking, visioning, retreating, dancing. Within conscious acts such as these space opens for devotion to meet us as a teacher. What plugs you in?  The art form of devotion is in experiencing it expanding to the totality of life.  The exchange opens us to receive more energy pregnant with the nectar of pure consciousness. Creation.  Source.


    Life is an art form. I think the thing we’re supposed to figure out is what gets our juices flowing in a healthy conscious way, and to DO THAT….BE THAT!  Creatively allowing myself to follow the energy of spirit is where the blessings emerge.  It is the alchemical formula to joy, fulfillment, community, creativity, expansion, knowledge, wisdom, laughter, friendship, beauty, grace, LOVE.  All are lessons I have learned more about this year than I could ever have dreamed.  I’m guessing if you take an inventory you’ll find some of the same nuances, yes?


    Equally significant and powerful are the gritty occurrences; as those are the places we make choices about who we are, who we are not, and how we’re willing to experience ourselves.  I know I could not have experienced the levels of joy in my life now had I not learned the deep lessons I had around grief.


    Michele asked me yesterday, “How do you have the energy to do so much?”


    That is a good question as I remember a time when I had barely enough energy to decide what to eat for dinner! People us expend a tremendous amount of energy focusing on what we wish we had vs. actually being that which we desire.  For me the formula has been:


    • A good strong thirst for life. (DESIRE)
    • A willingness to meet the qualities within myself that created chaos, distraction and upset with love and compassion – loving those parts like I would my own child.
    • A deep commitment to myself to out-create those conditioned patterns by moving into a different sort of action when they showed up. (Basically loving myself enough to know I deserve to experience life fully and standing by myself in action around this belief). (PLEASURE)
    • Knowing some things about Energy made if very useful for me assuming the viewpoint of EVERYTHING is ENERGY, as this removes the personal attachment. For example if my former belief of “I’m not an artist”, or “I’m fearful of taking the risk (whatever that risk was) was just energy, with energy existing in poles (polarity), I could more easily source the other extreme of the pole without my personal belief in the way! Energy shifts moment to moment.  Our beliefs are what keep energy stuck in a particular frequency.  The easiest way to dissolve dis-empowering beliefs is to see them as simply Energy.  This act creates detachment, allowing for the energy to take a different form, higher on the vibrational pole and more aligned with our hearts desire. This is also where Devotional practices such as meditative breathwork, tillin’ the soil, ceremony, and love making support us in anchoring these energies for lasting change. (DEVOTION)


    I could go on…..but perhaps it is useful to remain here in the Trinity (pyramid) (tipi) of DESIRE/PLEASURE/DEVOTION to see what the Energetic geometry of this formula wants to teach us. The energy patterns of the universe are geometric and fractal like.  Sacred Geometry.  Like the triple helix in our DNA, the trinity symbol is very significant. I believe the first cell of our very DNA holds in one drop the nectar of all the potency of the universe.  The first drop of creation.  Imbedded into the very fabric of who we are. Perhaps 2013 is an opportunity for us all to declare “more than before”…..


    This is the foundation of our support offerings.  Retreats, Group Sessions, Women’s Wisdom Classes and Private Sessions are all rooted in the Energy of Expansion such that we can continue to delight in the mystical wonderment of who we are in relation to all that is and to EXPERIENCE how the universe and the earth desire us in return!


    I’m listening deeply for what is calling me to exchange moment to moment.  Listening for the impulses as to how I can best honor creation (spirit) each day. My life has become the canvas.  My practice of Devotion creates beauty in the garden, on the dinner table, with the skins, the masonry, the weaving of jewels, and my pallet.  And best of all – I am delighting in being surprised as each time I find I meet an aspect of myself that is expanding beyond what was before.


    So… what is it that you want to exchange with spirit?


    What is it you’re willing to ante-up in the game and how much are you willing to receive?


    2013 feels to me like an opening to much more than before in creation.  A very potent time to get clear on “What do I desire?” “What do I want to create for myself and the world?”.  What does that look like and how committed are you to that thing you say you want more than anything?


    How often do we touch the yearning desire within for that “thing” we want more than any…. and yet how often again do we fall short in moving toward committed action? How much skin are you willing to put in the game of life?  This inquiry will teach you about self-worth and self-love.


    I continue to look to dissolving my belief systems.  Belief systems are where we are most universally controlled and they vary greatly based on the family and environment we are raised in.  What we absorb from our parents and ancestral beliefs are passed through the lineage through our DNA.  We also carry a different sort of DNA imprint through our soul’s lineage. The soul exchanges with the physical embodiment of self which together creates the karmic experience of what we are here to learn and heal individually as well as collectively.


    I look forward to sharing more to come with you this year – our calendar is very full and listed below – let me know what you’re up to!  I am here to support you as you are for me….we are community!!


    Perhaps this can be the year we all commit more to ourselves.  More love.  More desire.  More devotion. More trust. More willingness to annihilate the beliefs that are old and tired. The Earth…..our Mother… she absorbs what we are ready to shed so easily.  Sit with her and pray with her.  Ask her to show you how to let go and trust the wisdom

    goddess grotto

    of your heart’s desire.  What is God? God is Goddess. God is Love. God Is….

    In LOVE and Dedication to the process of PEACE on the planet,

    Carrie Rae Woodburn

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