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    Last week Carrie, I and our kids had seven Tibetan Monks come to our home and sit in our Tipi with us along with thirty people from our community. We shared songs, prayers and gifts. I told them of a dream I had many years ago and how this was part of that dream.

    In that dream I was sitting in a Sweat Lodge that had four doors. One in each direction. Outside of each door was a fire. In each fire there were seven stones. In the east door there was a yellow man, in the south there was a white man, in the west was a black man in I sat in the north as the red man. ( When I say Man I am referring to the race, not male over female).

    The ceremony began with the white man bringing in the seven stones from his fire and he began sharing his teachings. Next, the yellow man brought in his seven stones and shared his teachings. Then the black man brought in his seven stones and shared his teachings. All of their teachings came from their ancestors and spoke of the agreements we all made with all of creation on how to be with one another. The ceremony ended with the red man bringing in his seven stones and sharing his teachings.

    The red man reminded the others of the agreement that was made with the creator and all of the elements. This agreement was that the white man was in charge of fire, the yellow man was in charge of the air, the black man in charge of the water and the red man was in charge of the earth. Each responsibility came with certain ceremonies that allowed each man to handle such a responsibility. As this dream went on I was shown how life changed and civilization moved forward in a way that took people away from their ceremonies. As this happened the elements began to suffer due to a great disrespect from mankind. As the elements suffered so did the humans.

    There were certain ones who made an agreement to keep the sacred teachings alive no matter what occurred. These ones remembered that the elements are our relatives. They knew that we all have earth, air, fire and water in each of us. They remembered the sacred ceremonies and teachings. They all had knowledge of the stars.

    Many prophesies were made about the time when all of the planets would come into alignment. The most well know being the Mayan calendar which tells of this time. It is true that the planets will align as they pass one another in their orbiting thru space and that earth will be at the end of that lineup. It is true that the vibration created by this alignment will be palpable to all of us and it will increase.

    It is also true that we all have our own individual responsibility during this time much like that of our ancestors had with their original set of instructions. Our job is to FUCKING PAY ATTENTION!! Pay attention to what is happening in our world and individual lives. We only get this one chance to be alive during this time. What are you going to do with it? What am I going to do with it?

    Personally I have learned that this time is all about vibration. Everything is vibrating faster as a result of the planets moving into alignment. Why? Because the most sacred teachings are on a higher vibrational plane and the only way we can access them is to raise our individual vibration. This is a way of living, not some new age thing to be “into”. The ancient ones knew this and lived a life of ceremony, prayer, service and humbleness. Of course they didn’t have cell phones, bills, pollution, traffic, global warming or the Kardashians to lower their vibration. We have many distractions and, we are the ones alive now. We have a reason to be here. Actually, not a reason. Reason lives in the mind so we can reason our way out of it as well, WE HAVE A PURPOSE. Purpose lives in the heart. We can’t deny it we can only choose to not pay attention to it. That’s not interesting to me. I choose to pay attention. I choose to say yes and walk in the challenge of what it brings. I choose to walk as my ancestors did. All of us, no matter what color we are have ancestors that set examples for us and they said,” Don’t just get old, learn something”.

    I look at the Monks who sat with us in the Tipi. They are living examples of keeping their tradition alive and sharing it with the world. I say Wopila Tonka to them. And I ask each of you, how can you honor your ancestors? And what are you doing for your future generations?

    We must remember that we are related to the elements and we must find our ceremonies to honor them. We must remember to always raise our vibration. We must remember that we are all related to each other and all things. We must remember to allow for silence and to sit on our earth mother so we can remember all of these things.

    Mitakuye’ Oayasin means all my relations. Red, Yellow, White, Black blue and green, we are all related. We all have red blood. Creating harmony is one of the most powerful ways to raise vibration. Many strive for unity. I say strive for harmony. You can tie a cat and dogs tail together and there is unity but there is no harmony.

    Let’s all pay attention, honor our ancestor and honor the next seven generations.



    Tatanka Mani

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