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    Whew….It feels like its been a long while since I’ve been in communication with you all! You may want to settle in for this one as I feel there is a lot I have to share today!!!

    The past several months have been very full….In April we journeyed with a group of twelve pure souls to Bali, shared teachings of spirit with Corporate Communications Leaders from around the globe in Las Vegas, and completed May in my favorite retreat with the “tribe” in Ojai over Memorial weekend.  Between then and now, I’ve circled ’round the sun again turning 47….AND….Andrew and I have merged our families into one BIG happy family !!

    Life has been intense for many…..and I am NO exception.  My life is unrecognizable from what it was just one, two, or three years ago.  One of the most profound “knowings” I have received is this: when we really get behind trusting spirits intelligence beyond our own, we are held in a state of Grace. One that reveals the truths of who we really are.  So I ask you…  “Have you let go? Are you ready to trust? Are you willing to be free?”

    My thirst runs deep and when I recently said “YES” to whatever remained that wanted to change, transform, and grow in the fertile ground of my existence, I had no idea the blessings change would bring into my life.

    I celebrated my 47th birthday last weekend with Peter Gabriel at the Santa Barbara Bowl. And what an amazing show it was….it showed me so much!

    During the show, I had a profound realization.  When I hung my shingle as “Alchemy of the Heart”, I put something in motion that I didn’t fully understand at the time.  You see, we are ALWAYS exchanging our energy with spirit and all that is.  When I declared myself an “Alchemist”, I didn’t realize at the time that I invited Spirit to show me the Alchemists Way…..I entered into the real classroom.

    The Alchemist way is one of expansion – opening through vibration NEW FORM.  I believe this is what we are being asked to learn about and what this “shift” we are experiencing is all about.

    If any of you were at that show, you probably saw us.  I was the woman dancing in the 4th row that was asked by security several times to sit down or leave.  I was in shock. People were shouting at me with a mob-like mentality. Here I was, exchanging my devotion and respect for this Artist who is truly a Master of Energy….a modern day Alchemist. As I looked about I saw rows and rows of people sitting in such density.  Uptight, Controlled, Stuffy, Rigid, Proper and seemingly AFRAID to move their bodies! It was so tangible, at one point Peter actually spoke to the “remarkable control the crowd was exhibiting”.  Needless to say, I did not stop dancing.  I got in that moment that somehow my dancing was creating an energy that wanted to be expanded, explored, and engaged with.  I stayed clear and continued on from my seat and my feet.  Peter and I shared an exchange of awareness and energy and information. An un-mistakable connection…. we were communicating telepathically and I was hearing the message underneath his words about the alchemy he was working with and the alchemical exchange in why I had to keep dancing.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the exchange of energy I experienced that night, specifically what it showed me about the collective “controlled resistance” present in the mass consciousness of that particular group, as this was only a microcosmic glimpse of the whole of humanity. I saw the literal dam that is wanting to break and the constructs of control desperately attempting to hold it in place. God forbid we actually “Let GO” and allow ourselves to expand!!

    This has me contemplating the importance of ritualistic, devotional dance.  Think about it, every culture at one point in time practiced ritual dance.  Why do we suppose that was? I’m clear that there is great mystery and mystical “knowings” that are unlocked through this specific act of devotion.  My body moved in ways it never moved before.  It’s natural intelligence was showing me an ancient form of Alchemy…..most certainly why the act created such a charge around me.  We must move our bodies.  There is an intelligence wanting to awaken through our Bodies.  An ancient wisdom of a particular flavor that I believe only awakens through the physical form.  Why do so many walk around not truly “embody-ing” the physical form?  Why do so many not allow space for unfamiliar and glorious gyrations of movement in the body?  Why do we resist that which wants to open in us?

    Ancient cultures knew of these mysteries and somewhere along the way we went into a collective slumber, wiping from us these memories.  But they ARE stirring…and the whispering is getting louder.  How do we attune to the listening? By raising our vibrational frequency.  All matter exists in vibration and we are no different.  Moving more energy through the body activates and actuates change. I believe the wisdom of all time exists in vibrational fields of frequency.  And like a key in a lock, when our frequency raises we begin to match certain fields wherein knowledge resides.  The only question really is “Am I a YES?”

    Many of us are experiencing physical changes that I believe are part of an ascension cycle.  Science is discovering significant changes at the level of DNA, particularly in children being born with an extra strand of DNA.  It has been written that Jesus had 12 strands of DNA activated and that we have an additional 10 “etheric DNA strands” waiting for activation.

    I believe we are being prepared to move more vibration and light frequencies through our physical form.  I’m willing to propose that we are in the midst of the most significant leap in human evolution since we began to walk upright.  I don’t know anyone who would deny we are experiencing some sort of  “acceleration”. The Earth’s field is in fact speeding up and we exist within this field so it makes sense that our field too is accelerating.  Perhaps this is how we will move from the density of this 3rd dimension to the more expansive energies waiting for us in the 4th.  As I see it, this “Shift” is a process of liberation.  We are shedding the shackles of hundreds of years of this collective slumber.  We’re being shown openings to experience our expansion in power vs. force.

    As I see it the work to do is to live fully in committed action to expand vibration and awareness.  To choose not to be stopped in egoic fear or controlled resistance, but to allow those aspects to come along for the ride until they’ve been humbled into acts of service to spirit.

    The most visceral experience I’ve known on my journey is the time I witnessed my ego literally bow down in service to my spirit.

    We are not meant to “Kill the Ego”.  In doing the work of Spirit, the ego actually learns to bow to the sovereignty of Spirit and fills with the essence of purpose vs. scarcity.

    This all may sound complex, and in fact we are a complex piece of universal structure; but the truth is really very simple. We’re meant to love, feel full, laugh, play and share generously who we are.  This helps us prepare our physical bodies to adapt to holding more frequency.  To allow us to open to experiencing higher dimensions of existence.

    If you desire to hear more clearly the impulses spirit is sending you….to feel the awakening in your soul….to know the alchemy of your heart, look to the simple acts which organically will have you experience the alchemy of a high vibration:

    • Breath Deeply
    • Touch and be Touched
    • Dance a Dance of Devotion
    • Take time out to Retreat and FEEL your Spirit
    • Fill your home with Cooking, Friends and Laughter
    • Go Outside and Hike in Nature
    • Bring an Idea or Inspiration into FORM
    • Laugh at your Ego and your Imperfections
    • Romance Yourself Like a Lover
    • Eat Fresh Food
    • Spend Time in the Presence of High Vibrational Beings ….. ’cause it GETS ALL OVER YOU!

    I’m clear that my life is about Living ….Expanding…. and  Experiencing my Greatest Potential…..even if that means being a target of attack for those whom it makes uneasy.  What’s interesting to me is “What is YOUR life about?”

    Herein lies an invitation to share it with me or someone close to you.  Have it “witnessed” in form….spoken and shared out loud!!!

    As we prepare for Celebrating the Summer Solstice this month, let your spirit rejoice in the essence of its cyclical nature to expand and grow.  Feel the creation that wants to move through you.  Allow the exchange of energy to teach you of your unique genius in how you translate energy into form.  But most of all until we share time together again,  LOVE and let yourself FEEL GOOD!!!

    In Love and Dedication to the Process of EXPANSION on the Planet,

    Carrie Woodburn Alchemist of Movement, Energy and Form

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