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    Okay….. I’ve tried three times to write something of importance. Truth is, I really don’t like to write. I am much better talking face to face. My other attempts contained all the usual rhetoric about holding space, lessons learned and opening up to what the universe wants for my highest good, blah blah blah…

    I’ve noticed for a while that there are empty catch phrases that we use that really don’t mean a lot. Why do we use them? Probably because they sound good, (sort of) and nobody really knows what they mean and nobody wants to look foolish and ask, “What the hell does that really mean”? So we all speak a safe language that gives the illusion of spirituality and a safe umbrella for it to live under.

    Sorry but I think it’s time to get real. Time to be accountable for our words and actions or lack of. Time to be specific with what we say and ask for. How else can we be supported with the clarity that we need? We are in the last four years of the Mayan calendar and this is a very crucial time. Many have said that this will be a cataclysmic time of destruction, Armageddon. According to ancient teachings and guidance from the spirit world, this is not true.

    The Mayan calendar is a circle, which means when you get to the end, you just start over. If it were a straight line then there would be an end. The Mayans knew that it would take humans a long time to learn how to be. That’s why they created this calendar. It is true that there will be a celestial occurrence that will cause a powerful energy and vibration to fall upon this planet of ours. Things will happen on an earth level. Nature will be putting things in order.

    A long time ago, I was told that it takes a whole year to learn something. We need to take our physical body thru all four seasons and our spiritual body thru all thirteen moons with whatever it is that we are set on learning in that time period. Since then, I always take this time to feel into what I am meant to learn in the coming year. So I ask you…… What is it that you will be learning this year? What did you learn last year?

    This is a very important teaching to be aware of because as we enter in to this time, the vibration of the universe will affect us as humans and how we are as spiritual beings will directly affect how we navigate our way thru this time.

    It’s like this….. those of us who continue to walk our path, continue to be spiritual warriors, will begin to vibrate at a higher rate. Those who choose not to continue the walk will vibrate at the same rate or even lessen their rate of vibration. We will see a separation occurring everywhere. In business, love, friends, even where we live. Things will be changing, put in order. Some of you may have begun to experience this already, I know I have. In the last year and a half I went from a four-bedroom house on a half acre of land to a 30 foot Airstream trailer. I went from running 3-5 lodges a week to zero. I lived in isolation in the middle of the redwood forest, sleeping when I was tired, eating when hungry and waking up when I was done sleeping. Being at one with nature and the rhythms of the earth. It was the perfect environment for me to take a good raw look at myself.

    It doesn’t always feel good to look so deeply and honestly at ourselves, but it is necessary. In doing so I discovered that I was out of balance. Even though I was “strong” on my path, which is good, I was out of balance. I was shown a vision of a tall tree that had a long branch that came out from the left side, the spirit side. It also had a short branch on the right side, the physical side. I was told that I needed to develop the right side more to balance out my tree or it would fall over.

    I am still working on it but I feel more in balance than I have in a long time. As I mentioned before, Sacred Ways is collaborating with Carrie Woodburn and Alchemy of the heart to share ceremony and teachings thru retreats and programs. Partnering up with Carrie is one of the beautiful ways that spirit has brought balance and love into my life and I am so grateful. I am also very excited as I look ahead at what this year has to offer. March 17-20 we will be running another Kayak trip on the beautiful Colorado River. Floating down the incredible Black Canyon, stopping to soak in the many natural hot springs and being one with nature is the cure for life’s busy pace.  April 7-17 we are taking a group to Bali to experience a sacred alchemy and ritual retreat. May 27-30 will be in Ojai for an Integrative Breath work and ceremony retreat.

    In the month of July I will be in South Dakota from the 5th-9th. This will be my seventh year Sun Dancing. I invite anyone who wishes to come out and support the dancers with your prayers to please do so. It is a rare life changing opportunity to attend a traditional Sun Dance. It is quite a journey so if you are interested please contact us to begin preparations.

    I am also in the process of developing a program for Men that is unlike any program out there. It will be a four-year program that incorporates the traditional Men’s teachings and will require a very strong commitment level. It will challenge the Mind, Spirit and physical body. More details as it is developed…. I am proud to be a part of and to support a great new movie that will be released this spring called Discover the Gift. My dear friend and brother Demian Lichtenstein made this move that will have a great impact on the world. It is to help each of us discover our gift, our potential. Go to discoverhtegift.com and become part of the movement.

    Well, I think that’s it for now… I hope to see you in this coming year. Blessings to you and all of your loved ones.



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