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Lodge Schedule & Donation Portal

Inipi Ceremony

with Andrew Soliz

 The Inipi (Sweat Lodge), a purification ceremony is a Native American tradition. Andrew says "It’s important we purify. We’re human and we live in a toxic world. We have toxic thoughts and toxic encounters. These toxic things can cause us to become sick and out of balance. Bringing together all of the elements in one place; Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and putting them together in a sacred manner, we find power there. The power of the universe. And that power, through our prayers and intentions purifies our mind, body, spirit. Our energy."
Here we have the opportunity to sit with Spirit. The Creator. Earth. And we become humble.
When we sit on the Earth with our hearts to the Mother, she reminds us how be.

We recommend you arrive as early as to have time to sit with your prayers. Sweats run generally 2-3 hours, though there is no specific timing in Spirit.

Preparing for the Lodge

Eat light the day of the lodge - Avoid Alcohol or Drugs for at least 24hrs prior to Ceremony - Begin hydrating at least 24 hours prior to the lodge.

    What to Bring

    It is customary to bring a full package of loose tobacco as a way to focus and strengthen your prayers. This is offered to the Lodge Leader or to the Fire Keepers before the ceremony begins. If arriving early, there will be time at the beginning of the ceremony for people to speak with the Lodge Leader about their prayers and to offer their tobacco. Pouches of tobacco are available at tobacco/smoke shops.
    It is customary to give a donation to the lodge leader and gifts to the Fire keepers (ex: sage/sweetgrass, tobacco) at the conclusion of the ceremony.  No one will be turned away for lack of funds.  When giving, it is important to consider the energy exchange of trade when you come with strong prayers, meaning: when you are asking a lot, it is good to honor the Spirits and the Lodge Leader with gratitude and generosity, giving both from one’s heart and with financial support. These offerings allow for the continuance of this healing lodge for the people, as well as to help those back home on the reservation.
    If you have a question about donation, contact us
    It is traditional to share food after ceremony in celebration. Ideally, you are able to bring food that you have prepared yourself, with love. It is for the spirits first as an offering of bountiful gratitude for their guidance and healing. We place a portion of what we all bring on the altar this way. We are blessed to share in it as well. 
    A towel and dry change of clothes for after the lodge will ensure your comfort.



    Andrew runs a traditional ceremony. There are a few things that we ask those attending to observe in respect for the ceremony and the Lakota tradition:
    No drugs or alcohol allowed, and please no use of drugs or alcohol within 24 hours of the ceremony. If your are unable to adhere to this protocol, we ask that you please not attend as it could jeopardize the ceremony. To receive the most benefit from this ceremony, it is recommended that you abstain from drugs or alcohol for 4 days before and 4 days after the ceremony.
    Do not bring cameras, cell phones, watches with lights or alarms, or electronic devices of any kind into the ceremonial space.


    Dress Code

    Women should wear a long skirt covering their legs and a top that covers their shoulders. Men should wear shorts and an optional t-shirt.  Please avoid clothing with reflective elements such as sequins, or glow-in-the-dark and remove shiny objects (such as belt buckles and shiny jewelry) as well as shoes before the ceremony.
    In this spiritual tradition, a woman’s moontime (menstruation) is a highly revered and sacred ceremony in itself. Traditionally, women on their moontime do not attend Inipi (Sweat Lodge). We ask that all women on their time please respect this important protocol. If you have any questions or if you are unable to attend because you will be on your time and have prayers that need attention, please contact Carrie

    Please insure that everyone in your party has read these protocols. We ask that you and anyone you may have invited reserve your space in advance so we know how many people to expect as our home lodge is limited to 20 people. 


    Laguna Beach Home Lodge    

               Our Lodge Space is limited to the first 20 requests.  We ask for clarity in commitments to attend as often times we experience "no-shows" at the last minute which impacts the ability for others to take the place and for the lodge to be supported.  We can never set a fee for ceremony and no-one is ever turned away for lack of monetary donation.  If you would like to support your intent with a $10 commitment offering you may do so by using the link below. You are welcome to make your full donation the day of lodge or by using the links above, as you feel called. Other forms of exchange may look like land-work days for those who prefer to donate energy in a different way.
    You are always welcome to come in trust of spirit, however we cannot guarantee you will have a space if we do not know in advance you are coming.

    Location details and protocols will be provided as the date nears.

    We are Honored to Share Ceremony with You!
    Andrew and Carrie



    Community Lodge


    Men's Lodge

    There is never a fee for ceremony and no-one is ever turned away for lack of monetary donation.
    To schedule a private lodge or inquire about upcoming community lodges in the area click here.

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