• Happy 2013!!!

  • Completing 2012...

    mayan convergence
  • Creation

    pyramid eclipse

    For me, Creating is the most exciting thing to do.  And these days it is all I want to do.  It’s the thing that gets my energy really clear….crystal clear.  In creating, something that wasn’t just moments before, suddenly IS….  Creation is such a rich form of liberation.

  • Equinox Blessings!

    These days I’m paying more attention to solar activity.  I’m no expert but I’m listening as spirit continues to nudge my awareness upward to Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon.  In dreamtime I am seeing the glow of the Auroras as fiery explosions of color and form in our skies.  Many of my dreams are revealing activity emerging from the heavens.

  • Tibetan Monks Visiting the Tipi...

    sacred ways logo

    Last week Carrie, I and our kids had seven Tibetan Monks come to our home and sit in our Tipi with us along with thirty people from our community. We shared songs, prayers and gifts. I told them of a dream I had many years ago and how this was part of that dream.

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