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Alchemy of the Heart

Alchemy of the Heart and Sacred Ways bring together a variety of offerings to share wisdom in safe, nurturing community and personalized environments founded on integrity. Approaching the heart in a sacred way opens us to experience our hearts wisdom and natural capacity to heal…what we call “Alchemy of the Heart”
The Circle is Strong and Full of Medicine.

About Carrie


Carrie Woodburn, is an Energy Health Practitioner and Artist. Alchemy of the Heart evolved out of Carrie's experience of the power of the human heart to heal and awaken consciousness. She is deeply committed as a catalyst for positive change in community and in the world. She is particularly interested in bridging the gap between complimentary and conventional beliefs as she believes we are on the brink of a significant evolution in human consciousness, which will have a momentous impact to our future. In her work, she began to see a common thread in that many seemed to be experiencing an impulse to evolve...to seek a greater sense of fulfillment. She believes this is the catalyst that is causing many to awaken spiritually, and that it resides in the heart of humanity. Carrie is deeply committed to doing her part in creating a peaceful future that is guided by love instead of fear and she believes this is dependent on each of us "waking up" to our authentic selves and being an expression of that in our work and in the world.
Carrie facilitates deep circle work with Women, Men and Teens utilizing multiple healing modalities in her practice of Healing and Integration. Her work facilitates a transformative healing impact to areas one may be emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually blocked, or simply ready to expand to the next level of consciousness. Specific areas of impact include freedom and healing from addictions, fear based limitations, limiting belief systems, physical pain, emotional or spiritual turmoil, increased creativity, clarity, vitality and joy. Clients experience deep real life transformation with a basis of wellness as a place to begin from rather than arrive to.
Whether guiding groups on Retreat, or Corporate trainings in various global destinations or in private individual session; Carrie offers guidance for elevating ones wellbeing through, Breathwork, Play, Ritual and Wisdom Teachings as part of her map for Healthful Living.


About Andrew

Andrew lives his life with a commitment to share the wisdom of his Native American ancestry. He understands that this way of life can bring a person to their center and allow them to be in good relation with all things. As a Sun Dancer, Pipe Carrier and healer Andrew humbly guides individuals along their personal path to their true self.
Andrew has been involved in life transforming programs in San Quentin Prison, AA communities, LA Men’s center and many other organizations. He mentors young men and helps guide them along the path to being good men. His love of nature inspired him to create outdoor retreats where people can learn about themselves thru their direct experience from our earth mother. Andrew has been blessed to sit in ceremony with medicine keepers from Mexico, Hawaii, New Zealand, Africa, Peru, Tibet, Bali , Canada and other Native ceremonial leaders from this great Turtle Island.
Andrews Grandmother spent many hours teaching him about human nature and the struggles between the mind and the heart. She would tell him “ If you don’t understand humans, you can’t help them.” With her inspiration and his own thirst of knowledge, Andrew dedicated his life to “Anthropos”, The art of being a better human.
In 2010 Andrew found the love of his life, Carrie. They have combined their gifts and bring them forward in retreats around the world. Andrew cherishes his combined family of five children and reminds them “ Don’t just get old, learn something”.

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