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We have been focusing a good amount of energy toward creating a solid Preparedness plan for our family. As indicators reveal more stress to our city/state/countries water and food resources, we feel a strong impulse to be prepared for any unforeseen scenario. We are NOT coming from fear, but from a strong desire to THRIVE, knowing we are fully sustainable as a household. That of course lead to the question of sustainability in community as the more prepared we are communally, the Grace factor increases!

In our own journey, we have found ourselves feeling more and more passionate about sharing the resources we have gathered. We believe good preparation and conscious planning is truly what will make the difference in Surviving an Emergency vs. THRIVING an Emergency.

Perhaps you are just beginning to think about preparedness yourself, or are well on your way. Either way, we are pleased to share our new small business developed to support families and communities everywhere in being accountable for yourself and your loved ones in advance of an emergency situation. For us, this has provided

comfort and peace of mind.

The Simple Truth is; knowing you have your essential needs covered in a stressful situation fosters clear thinking and right action.

We hope you enjoy exploring our offering. To support you in getting started, we are offering Free Delivery for the next month. Upon check-out please enter PROMO Code: LOCAL -

Much LOVE to you and your family,

Andrew & Carrie

We've Partered with NatGeo's LIVE Prepared, and Augason Farms to bring the best quality, GMO, MSG Free Farm fresh foods for sustainability. Gluten-Free and Vegan Options available

We've got you Covered with:
Food, Water, Energy, Gear, Medical, Nutritional Supplements and MORE.

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