Private Sessions with Carrie Rae Woodburn, CEHP

We all have within us a natural capacity to heal ourselves emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Carrie will guide you through an experience that will shift your orientation to one of empowerment and a healthy accountability to your souls desire to manifest authentically in this life.
Private Sessions consist of discussion and a deeply experiential energetic healing process. Utilizing a deep and rhythmic pranic breath, Carrie assists in activating the energy centers (chakras) in the body which balances the brain and raises the level of one’s energetic vibration. Activating your energy this way allows for the heart to soften and tangibly open to Spirit.  Everything in our universe exists in vibration. As humans, we can learn simple tools to raise our vibrational frequency such that our capacity for creative joy, love and happiness expands well beyond the lower frequencies of fear, pain or loneliness. Real life change happens here.  Healing is an alchemical process embedded in our energy. The Alchemist’s Way is one of expanding awareness and shifting perception.  
As we open, awareness grows and energy flows. Carrie’s approach to healing assists clients in developing the “muscle” of their own organic capacity to release unwanted blocks that have been stored in the body both consciously and unconsciously.  Specific areas of impact include freedom and healing from addictions, fear based limitations, limiting belief systems, physical pain and emotional or spiritual turmoil. Clients experience deep, real life transformation, increased clarity, creativity, serenity, joy and most of all a capacity for sustainable EXPANSION!!

Private Sessions with Andrew Soliz (Tatanka Mani)

By listening deeply and with compassion, Andrew guides people to bring forth their own unique healing powers.  Spending time with Andrew "Tatanka Mani" (Walking Buffalo) could very well alter the way you look at the sun, the stars, and the canvas that is your life. Tatanka Mani, a Pipe Carrier, Sun Dancer, and Healer, carries the traditional teachings of Native American people with wisdom, compassion and concern for the Tiospaye that is his human family.
His method of body/spirit work is a unique blend of professional training in the world famous Esalen form of massage, and traditional Native American healing ways. Using his deep intuitive skills with his ability to create and move energy, Tatanka Mani connects and opens the entire body with it’s spirit, allowing a healing that reaches higher vibrational realms. Working with Andrew provides an opportunity for healing and to celebrate the spirit in you. 


 Couples Sessions

Couples Sessions with Carrie will assist you in clearing blocks in your relationship while giving you conscious communication tools for expansion.  Learning to honor the differences in ourselves and one-another from a place of unconditional love liberates through compassion our authentic self-expression allowing us to delight more fully in one-another!  

Telephone Sessions

Telephone Sessions with Carrie occur from the comfort of your home or office.  These sessions are just as effective and healing as live sessions.  A conference line and access code will be provided and your session will be recorded allowing you to be fully present in the moment.

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