• Alchemists Musings and Equinox Blessings

    Happy Autumn Equinox!
    Blessings to you on this beautiful day. How are you feeling today? I find this question to be a deepening inquiry. It seems life has us all feeling more than ever before! Times are wonky, strange and wonderful all at the same time.... what a season for learning it has been!
    This morning we welcome the Autumn Equinox, a day of balance when day and night... light and dark....are equal.  I like to ask the question, what can I learn from this season? Immediately I feel into the balancing element. It is interesting, as within the equality lay stillness. A balance point. Yet going deeper into the inquiry we can see that balance holds both harmonizing as well as clashing energies; both matching and opposite exist in the same magnetic pole.
    These past few years I've been thinking about the effects of the Earth's Poles tipping (according to NASA the North Pole has taken a sharp turn east due to changing climates) and the magnetic shifts that must be occurring from this movement.
    We don't have to look far in the world today to see signs of chaos. I wonder if the chaos is an outcome of re-calibration. I know I have been feeling new demands in my body as it is desiring cleaner fuel and more movement.
    These are demanding times.  Demanding us to pay attention. The same movements are no longer creating the same results. Have you noticed now more than ever before that "sameness" in thinking, actions and being is not cutting it? It won't.  
    We have a profound opportunity. It lies in every moment; to attune to what is before us NOW. New. Fresh. Energy. We exist in frequency. We are a response to frequency. Spirit moves through us in frequency. The Earth cycles in frequency. This is to say, that perhaps today is a good day to begin again. To begin feeling into the subtle waves of frequency; breathing IN a receptive opening to what is here now in the blessing of life. Breathing OUT the elegance of our response as a translation of this freshness in what form naturally extends from us. Each of us has our gifts to offer. What the world is asking of us is to be responsible with those gifts. And by this I mean embodying our ability to respond with what matters. Our energy. Our Spirit. Our Hearts. Together.  
    The external world is certainly reflecting fractures. I believe this reflection is serving as it is asking us to become fiercely clear on what it is we stand for and to BE that in the world. Especially in the face of what can occur as opposing. We can no longer be numb to the responsibility of our Energy.  
    We dance in an exchange of confluence.  
    Ten years ago I had a dream. You know the prophetic kind. It was a massive gathering of people in an outdoor venue with musicians on stage. Suddenly the skies opened and Energy of the Universe could be seen in colors and waves and patterns of dark and light. Many people became fearful. The crowd split in two. One group in Fear seeing only the dark; one group in Love seeing only the light. I found myself on stage with the microphone witnessing this massive separation. I heard the voice in my head as it spoke through me to the microphone saying
    "Get Up and DANCE!"
    When the people danced an expression of their spirit, all became one as there was no need to fear the dark or to love only the light.  
    We are made up of all particles of light and dark just as this universe we call home. Only when we find our way to lose distinction between the two shall we become one.  
    So today, I say "Get up and DANCE" your dance.
    Enjoy this Blessed Season Dear Friends and Celebrate One Another!
    Carrie Rae  
    P.S. I know many of you have been asking when we will be back at it! We are brewing deeply in hearth and home, and will keep you posted on ceremony and events forthcoming.  I have been doing a good deal of one-on-one coaching and corporate consulting, and I am now opening up again for individual phone sessions in October and beyond to support this re-calibration process! Reach out if you are called.
  • Winter Solstice Blessings and Musings


    Solstice Blessings!

    Today we honor the longest night....and begin a new cycle of emergence from the darkness.

    Three cycles have passed since I last shared musings. It was early spring. I recall how full of potency and anticipation the Spring Equinox felt, and the time since has brought many deep experiences for learning and expanding. I've been re-visiting the theme of my earthly has always been Trust. Trusting animals is easy....trusting people has never come easy to me. Being aware of my karmic struggle helps me stay awake to the opportunity to deepen my capacity for trust when things get gritty. For many of us, 2016 has been a very gritty year. The good news is the landscape is ripe for growth. The bad news is .... we're just gettin' started! It takes grit and courage to transcend these old paradigms. We don't have to look far to see the play before us for what it is. The old grasping to hold its position while the demands of the emergent create massive fissures in the infrastructure. As I see it, the Polarity we are witnessing is just this. The one thing we can count on is an increase of intensity.

    We must become versed in a new way of seeing. All Pioneers have one thing in common. An ability to see the most unimaginable, seemingly impossible, and hold that vision as reality. Ancient Philosophers, Space Pioneers, Engineers, Artists.... Creators. We must trust our ability to Create a new vision. We must be reminded that all great eras in history arose from the ash of old embers. We are in the midst of transformation. Hold tight to the vision and allow for the karmic beliefs and struggles to dissolve. Hard as it may be. The polarity before us is ripe with opportunity.

    I experienced a profound betrayal last spring. It had me question everything. I had trusted and loved deeply. The trauma ran deep and the intensity of all things became magnified. I pulled my energy in to allow myself time to reflect and heal. I can feel my energy forming another wave of expansion. Slow yet It feels strong. Today I feel deep gratitude as the opportunity to immerse into the slumbers of Solstice Winter is just the medicine I need. Winter Solstice may be my most favored time of year. This year particularly as I feel a sense of swelling in the shadows as a year around the sun crescendo's into darkness. The darkness feels like completion. I've been praying for completion and as the year comes to close, and I feel myself returning. I abandoned my heart for awhile as the old karmic belief seduced me into believing I was a fool to trust the love of women.

    My old trauma body was activated which has had me on alert. Thankfully, the more intelligent aspect of heart understands that the deeply hidden wounds inflicted by women upon women must surface in order to heal. If there is one thing I've learned about hanging a shingle agreeing to offer up myself to the process of healing; its that I can count on being on the front lines. A Visceral understanding of the terrain is requisite if one is to guide others anywhere! I had to risk trusting women in order to "out" what was lurking in the shadows.

    I value this opportunity to reflect back on the year and all that occurred. In doing so, I have remembered the purity in so many exchanges throughout the year. ALL of the occurrences we are given inform our emotional intelligence and offer great insight into the direction of things to come. I appreciate the ability to see through hindsight as it helps put into context some of the feelings I remember having without the knowing of what it would mean.

    What I did not know then that I can clearly see now is that intensity I felt early in the year was the energy of Polarity becoming more palpable. Polarity is tricky as it is sticky! When in it, we can easily be pulled into the opposite of what we desire. There is a great deal of toxicity in the air. Now more than ever, we can activate the most organic aspect of our being. That which moves with the cycles of Nature. Maximize the potential THIS day, and let the totality of all that has built within you and around you this year dissolve into the potency of this dark night. Offer Prayers to the Ancestors. I ask them to help us develop new eyes. Eyes to see that which is emergent just below the surface of this palpable chaos. Ask for ears to hear beyond the frequency of static to the subtleties of spirits whisperings. Sit on the Earth and Wonder....

    Blessed Be,

    Carrie Rae

  • Happy Fall Equinox!


    Today I greet you with appreciation.  I am grateful for this season of Equinox.  I realized today just how deep my connection is to this time of balancing.  Perhaps you too are connecting more deeply with each cycle of our Earth Mother.  This particular cycle feels exceptionally heightened.  Perhaps due to being book-ended between the Solar Eclipse/New Moon of last week and the second of three Full Super Moons coming upon us this next week.  It's a potent brew indeed!  Feels like good news for us all.
    Cycles are ending and New Cycles beginning.  For me, the time between Summer Solstice and today has been a whirlwind of activity.  I have heard the phrase, "burning the candle at both ends" multiple times lately, and I think I almost got burnt! While I'd prefer a light searing....things went a little deeper this time 'round, with Sun Dance and I am feeling the rise of phoenix energy from the sprinkling of ash left behind.
    I am ready to feel my creative essence greet me once again like a languorous lover.
    I know she is coming. I have come to recognize the signs of her on the horizon.  Feelings like flurried movement...... demanding reconfiguration of my living spaces,  and the breaking down of altars from the last season to make space for renewed expressions of devotion. What are you attuning to?
    I love the season of Equinox.  Particularly Autumn as the days will turn more shadowed.  Something rich occurs in the shadow which has me pause in a moment of reflecting and feeling more deeply. Today, I am aware of a subtle feeling of release, allowing me to touch tensions I did not know I was holding (restricting).  I love the feeling of renewal I experience during Equinox, and I realize that my best teaching births forth with Spring and Fall. 

    I suppose the equalization (harmonization) of shadow and light creates an opening.... a suspended momentary lapse in time and space.  There is potency in these Earth Cycles allowing us to access depth Dimensionally. Perhaps in these focused energies, time and space open in higher dimensional fields, becoming more accessible to us at a cellular level.  Its no wonder humanity has celebrated these times for centuries. What is possible?
    I am seeing how the sixth dimension holds the vibrational existence of all time and space.  All Time Exists Here Now.  (time travel is possible!) If this is in fact true, then I ask, "why am I moving so fast to "arrive"?"  "Where is there to arrive to?"  This causes me to pause....and breathe more deeply.  Maybe the movement of velocity I (we?) have been feeling so intensely is required to spin like a top from one dimensional field to another....? I am enjoying these inquiries and wishing I'd studied more Science!!  I trust since Spirit is guiding me to these inquiries, there is little distinction between Spirit and Science. I am grateful once again to BE in the classroom of Spirit!
    Shifts happen. Ready or not.
    We likely all agree that we feel it, yes?   Feel something quickening?  Have you inquired into the quickening?  
    We we humans have celebrated Earths passages with fervor for all time.  We do this as a way of acknowledging, giving thanks for, and receiving the gifts available to us in these focused frequencies. 
    What are you feeling is possible for you? I am seeking something that will surprise me. Delight me.  That is all I am asking for. 
    I have come to know that when I allow for something greater than my own script of what I think is interesting to be revealed, I drink in a more potent brew.  Intention is important.  However, I now understand that liberation unto NOT knowing, is where true potency lies.  Genius is informed, not made.
    What I  did NOT know in the quickening of the Summer Solstice, was that I would discover myself Dancing this year at Pine Ridge.  The Sun Dance Ceremony encircled me unto its embrace.
    If you're still reading, you are likely one who energetically, and/or monetarily offered your heart in support for the Sun Dance.  I would like to thank you.  With the collective support of many in community, we were able to offer a fine contribution in support of Ceremony.  This particular ceremony takes care of hundreds of people.  People come with their prayers.  For offerings and healings.  People come etherically.  People come.
    My journey to Sun Dance was to be of support.  I had no idea I would find myself dancing all four days.  Spirit has a good sense of humor.  And like any good parent, knows when to give you a good strong kick in the ass to get you moving!
    The trip from SoCal to Pine Ridge revealed a series of synchronistic events.  Spirit was calling me to Dance.  My heart heard what my mind was struggling with understanding.   I haven't spoken many words about it.... What I can say is this;  my dance was for my Dad.  He was in his own dance with this thing called cancer over the past year or so, and in that time I sat in many lodges praying for spirit to care for him and allow us to share more life together.  We've been gifted time.
    And so I danced. I danced for my Mother and Father, and for my Beloved, Andrew.  I danced for my Sister.  I danced for our Children.  I danced my offering to Spirit for the blessings of life.  Family.  Love.  Over the course of four days, I felt everyone I know and love in this life and those from the other side.  All had come for Ceremony.
    I am blessed to have been offered the privilege to Dance.  To dance alongside my Beloved was expanding beyond horizon.... 
    I embrace the discovery of what it is to BE a Sun Dancer.  To be a Sun Dancer requires a minimum commitment of four years.  I did not realize at the time what I had said YES to!  Like I said....Spirit has a good sense of humor! And I am still saying yes.
    The process of this journey is running deep.  The subtle notes of my experience are alive in me. 
    I have surrendered any "process of processing" and am welcoming in good heart a deepening in my path of service, as well as insights I can receive as a human wanting to go out of this life fully "used up" from experience life with gusto!
    I thank you for being here to witness me as I reaffirm my commitment over the upcoming years.  My commitment is to Dance for the people.  The people are you and I .... our children and grandchildren.  Our ancestors and elders....  To Dance.  It is an offering up of all that I am unto spirit. 
    The potency of our times.... they are indeed a juicy brew!
    Let us reach to the harmonization of these blessed Equinox energies this day in gratitude.  In appreciation that we can reach and be supported in expanding into the quickening!!!
    I bid you well and pray we all receive that which delights and inspires us to BE. To BE in relation with the ALL as source of love, nourishment and honor, as we are one.  And so it is.... 
    In LOVE - Carrie Rae

  • 2015 ~ Year of the Wood Sheep

    New Beginning Greetings!!

    I hope this finds you enjoying a well earned rest as we prepare to embark on New Beginnings once again! This is the year of the Wood/Sheep. I have been feeling myself leaning in to a gentler pace already as we close out the year of the horse - or should I say.... stampeding wild mustangs!! I am feeling this year will bring many openings for pleasure as we enjoy the harvest of sweet pastures growth.

    Whew - what a year! For me, the entirety of 2014 was simply intense. Intense Creation, Intense Focus, Intense Doing, Intense Stresses, Intense Learning, Intense Love. Intense Surrender! We shared many beautiful journeys in community with you, our Spirit Tribe! In Bali, the Colorado River, In Ceremony, Spirit Circles, Women's Wisdom Gatherings and of course our 67 consecutive days at the Sawdust Art Festival!! I took my 50th journey around the sun which offered initiatory experiences of self-discovery, letting go, embracing change, and mostly surrendering to trust in the Benevolent intelligence of Spirt. Ever more deeply.

    I have been reflecting on all I am grateful for. I am grateful for you!

    I am grateful.

    Family Healing on many levels has brought me a sense of wonderment and reverence. We had the blessing of sharing Christmas with my folks, sister and family and friends. Dad at 80 has come through his exchange with lung cancer strong and clear. Mom has opened her heart in ways I'd not dreamed were possible reinforcing my faith in holding out for miracles again and again and again! I am vowing to never close my heart in response to what I may expect or not expect. I am grateful to share life with Andrew. Together we source the well of life in ways I'd not known were possible....Our children continue to grow and thrive in Love - and our Love was the theme of our time together - Our greatest source of Medicine is LOVE, and this is where our truth resides.

    I am grateful for the intensity of what Spirit has shown me over this past year. It has felt like preparation. Preparation for what, I surrender the need to understand or seek to know. Instead, I am embracing a prayer for ease in integration with ears, eyes and heart open to receive more LOVE, more blessings, more musings, evermore than before.

    We have a lot of juicy offerings scheduled for you to explore here. Our next retreat is the Colorado River (Launching at Hoover Dam in Nevada) March 18th - see more under Retreats Link. Sweat Lodges have been scheduled through April and can be found under Sweat Lodge Link. Dates and offerings for my classes coming up this quarter, including Women's Sovereignty Series, Women's Tele-Tipi Call Series (begins in 3 weeks), Community Spirit Breath Circle for Men and Women, Health Practitioner Advanced Training Weekend are all updated on the site as well. 

    Our Bali retreat will be next year - April of 2016 - if you feel called to explore this magical island, we'd be honored to guide you through a transformative mystical journey!

    2015 is sure to bring much life to receive and exchange with. How we choose to exchange with life is what is matters most. It is what sets the pace for how much we can learn, grow and sustain through.


    We are thinking a lot about sustainability. The indicators of our eco-socio-economic climates are good barometers for what is to come. We've been putting a good deal of energy forth this last year in preparing our land and home in the event we need to sustain ourselves and family for any length of time. We are not worried. We are prepared. Prepared to Thrive in any situation. I have been feeling the nudge from spirit for sometime. An undertone that is prudent - not fear-based. I share this with you as there is a likelihood you too have been feeling an impulse to prepare for the unforeseen need to be sustainable. Wherever you sit in this inquiry, we are here to support as Andrew and I have just launched a support structure for those who feel called to explore more.  Click Image for Details… 

    As always, I bid you LOVE, and dedication to the process of Peace on this GLORIOUS Planet!! Aho and Blessed Be!!

    Carrie Rae Woodburn

  • Healing the Planet

    easter island

    February has been moving very fast.  We’ve celebrated three family birthdays and supported Danielle through a recent hospitalization visit for mono. We’re seeing more and more how nothing out of balance can be delayed or ignored in the energies of 2013.  Huzzah!!!

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