• Expansion...

    Whew….It feels like its been a long while since I’ve been in communication with you all! You may want to settle in for this one as I feel there is a lot I have to share today!!! The past several months have been very full….In April we journeyed with a group of twelve pure souls to Bali, shared teachings of spirit with Corporate Communications Leaders from around the globe in Las Vegas, and completed May in my favorite retreat with the “tribe” in Ojai over Memorial weekend.

  • Earth Day...

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    Earth Day, the ultimate Mother’s day. It is so important for us children to remember our mother and be thankful for all she does for us even when we don’t ask. Like any good Mother all she wants is for us, her children, is to reach our full potential, to find our gift and share it with the world, with our other Brothers and Sisters.

  • Generosity

    One of the lovely un-predictable side effects of working within a construct of committed awareness is that it creates a container in the realm of the unknown that says “Here is a space open and available to be informed by the mysteries and the expressions ofSpirit“. Herein resides a space available to the organic layers of energy, vibration, knowledge and understanding that are eternally wanting to be discovered and engaged with.

  • Living in Joy

    Today I find myself sitting with a query on my heart……and I wonder…..are we ready to live in a new paradigm of learning through joy instead of learning through suffering?  It seems the collective has been deep in dense quagmire for a good long while, and while I’ve learned from and respect the value of going through the depth of darkness lying within our shadow aspects, I am sensing into a lovely and warm “up-draft” that has the potential to elevate us from this collective agreement of learning through trauma.

  • The Work of Men...

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    I would like to address this post  to the men. I also ask that the women please read it as well since we cannot be complete men without the women in our lives. In my life I have been privileged and honored to be around true warriors. Not just Native Americans of various tribes, but Maori, Samoan, Hawaiian, Asian and African as well.

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