Integrative Pranic Healing

Experience the power of breath and your own inner healer.  Healing groups and sessions with Carrie utilize a deep and rhythmic breath to balance the brain and raise the level of your energetic vibration. As you begin to open the energy centers in the body, you release unwanted physical, emotional and mental energies moving you very quickly through blocks, opening you to "flow" in all areas of your life.

Utilizing an ancient Pranic Breath as the primary “tool” for healing, Carrie helps people connect with their heart.  Opening the energy centers in the body allows  one to experience immediate movement of energy in the body.  Prana is a Sanskrit word meaning "Life-Force", the source from which energy evolves from.  The Japanese call this subtle energy "Ki", the Chinese, "Chi", while the Greeks refer to it as "Pneuma".  In Polynesian it is known as "Mana" and in Hebrew, "Ruwach" meaning "Spirit" or "Breath of Life" as in the Old Testament.

According to the principles of pranic healing, our body is composed of two primary elements: the visible physical body, and the invisible energy body referred to as the aura.  Our aura is the invisible luminous energy body, which permeates the visible physical body and extends beyond it.

The Breathwork activates both elements.  It relaxes you, allowing you to release the mind and come fully into your body.  It starts your energy  moving by oxygenating the blood and stimulating the hypothalamus gland and other energy centers, or chakras in the body.

As your energy begins to move it can cause a dynamic electrical sensation in parts of the physical body.  You become aware of  the vibration of your energy.  Working with your energy this way opens up your heart and begins to raise your vibration from lower frequencies such as fear, grief and sadness, to higher frequencies of joy, gratitude and love.

Breath generates awareness and healing in the physical body, the emotional body, and in the energy body.  As awareness grows, compulsive and addictive patterns weaken and eventually dissolve.  Fear and judgment begin to lose their grip.

Conscious Breathing allows one to open up and release unwanted physical, emotional and mental energies that may be causing pain, upset or suffering.  Suppressed emotions are stored in the nervous system's pathways which carry that memory to the brain.  Healing the emotions releases old dysfunctional patterns allowing one to live in the clarity of the present rather than the pain of the past.

Working with your energy this way goes deep to your core, allowing you to awaken your own inner healer....your true and inherent self!  Releasing areas of imbalance from the core in this way allows your soul to expand.  In that expansion there is space for your soul to fully express its divine nature in a beautiful dance with spirit!

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