Women's Tele-Tipi Spirit Circle

Spirit Gatherings for Women

                       The Circle is Strong and Full of Medicine                      

A Weekly Women's Tele-Call Series with Carrie Rae from the comfort of your home

A Love Letter from Carrie:

"Many of us have sat together in the nurturing, nourishing embrace and sanctity of our sacred tipi where we share in the depth of wisdom organically emergent in circle.  I have been feeling a strong nudge from the grandmothers to extend the tipi circle reach outward to all women, and this next series will be the seventh month circling this way.  I am in such gratitude for what is revealing through the gathering of women's wisdom and I am continuing to say"YES" to the Gathering of Women everywhere.
Our Gatherings are weaving women together from all points of the Nation  swiftly now as the prophecy of Spider Woman is revealing in now time.
"Tele-tipi" gatherings are accessible to all women. Participation in earlier series is not a pre-requisite as you may enter in at any series beginning.

Circle facilitates expansion. Magnifies that which wants to heal, release, let go and expand into more than before. Allows for us to witness and be witnessed in courage and grace.
As women of wisdom, we love and affect change. As women we have a responsibility (ability to respond) to honor the impulses of creation and new life that course through us as womb keepers.
Women have always embodied the system for creation.  For attuning to great wisdom.  Women are healers.  And in the process of liberating ourselves from constructs and beliefs that hold us in a distorted conversation of "less than", "not good enough", "self-sacrifice", "guilt" and "shame", we come to a purity within that actually pulses with the heartbeat of the call of spirit. In responding to the pull of our heart and spirit we pioneer new terrain for all to heal.  I believe through the healing of ourselves we heal and liberate the planet.
How we do this is simple really. The act of listening in to what our bodies and feelings are pointing us toward actually opens in us an access point for communing with our heart and spirit. With our eyes open to "see" our truth, and to respond in kind, we begin the journey of forgiveness and self love.  And we find a soft resting place in the comfort of knowing we are connected in oneness. Honoring the individual call of our hearts leads us to experience the healing creative juices in the abundance of connection to Earth and Spirit and all that is.
Women....we are connected by an invisible red thread.  We are part of a collective "sisterhood", all of us a mother or a daughter.  All of us creators.  And our stories....the stories of women; they heal.  Through our love, our sorrow, laughter and pain, we shed sweet tears.  Tears of honesty and enrichment.  And these tears, they feed the soil of this great earth and allow us to walk in the example of 'the mother' as we die to the old to sprout from the new...over and over again.
Cultivating the Garden of the Sacred Feminine within us.

I believe we are birthing a new paradigm.  One which fosters a resting in the wondrous ways of women such that we honor ourselves, honor the sisterhood of women, and open for the men in our lives to experience a shift in their own orientation as men.  They can't fully see and experience us until we've rested in the lusciousness of connection within ourselves! The same goes for all of our loved ones.  How can they possibly savor the sweet nectar of our pure essence if we are but scarcely sipping of it ourselves? What does your life look like with you fully embodying your feminine authority, sovereignty, beauty and grace? And can you imagine the richness of creations desire coursing through you? Again and again I am saying "YES" to expansion.
Perhaps you'll feel the call to join me on this journey as we move in circle together toward more than before.
I believe that the health and well-being of the "tribe", whether that live in the broader context of humanity, or a more regional context of community or family, depends on the health and well-being of women.  It is women who are responding to our Mother Earth's call to heal from the deepest depths of the womb.  When we respond to the impulse of our womb-space....our sacred vessels, we activate the medicine woman within and we learn to walk in honor of ourselves. 
It is no wonder we had gone into a long-lived collective slumber.  In the Middle Ages, over nine-million women were burned for practicing rituals of the Goddess.  Our cellular memory knows something of the infliction of trauma, pain and suffering. But isn't it time we awaken the places we have been slumbering?  The impulse we as women are collectively experiencing to evolve and heal is the Sacred Feminine.
She exists in our veins.  Breathes within our breath and she is asking us to heal our feminine heart.  She is asking us to remember who we are.  She knows we are here to heal the lineage of women.  She understands that from the pains of labor birth the Glory of God and Goddess.
She asks if we are willing to dive in to the depths and richness of our waters both clear and murky, with love and compassion. She asks if we are willing to not leave anything unseen in the shadows of the darkness, nor unexpressed in the realms of our truth.  And she knows that in the recognition of our hearts we are blessed to dwell in the place of Grace.
From the ashes rises the Phoenix.  And like alchemy turning base metal to gold, our hearts naturally transmute our pain to love.  I call this "Alchemy of the Heart".  And sensing the light of the gold that is coming forth in creation out of the soot of the old feels like Glory.  It is Extraordinary.
I feel deeply blessed to rest in feeling the earth under my feet, and the steady beat of my feminine heart."
Inviting you to join me in the journey.....

Love, Carrie

Session Information

Weekly bridging from the tipi to you in the comfort of your home!
Tuesday Evenings 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm PST
4 consecutive weeks of calls

Calls consist of:

    Guided mediation
    Wisdom sharing
    Iconic exploration of Goddess
    Practices for raising vibrational frequency
    Creating expansion and clarity in the emotional, mental, physical and energy bodies.

    Series Fee: $80

    ** Requires pre-payment for access code
    ** Call Number and Access Code provided once registered
    ** No refunds will be granted for any reason
    ** Calls will be recorded and accessible to you in the event one is missed 
    ** A Reminder e-mail with access code will be sent forth via email 1-2 days prior to the weekly call.  Attendance is generated purely based upon your desire and commitment.
    ** The only per-requisite is to be in a quiet, uninterrupted space where you can be fully present in the call circle. 

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    "Being enveloped in the circle of Tele-Tipi has liberated my soul to know the truth of my essence. Carrie's breath of wisdom weaves ancient awakenings within the tapestry of women." -Heather Storey 

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