Frequently Asked Questions - Bali Retreat

What Are Accommodations Like?
We will be staying at two Exclusive Exotic Destinations, one is in the art village of Ubud and one is in a remote palm-lined beach.

Meals are either restaurant, or buffet style onsite with some with options include organic vegetarian, vegan, fish and chicken. You will be able to eat fresh coconuts and tropical fruits right from the trees at our retreat center.

​What is the weather like?
Bali is a tropical island. Days are anywhere from 81-90 degrees Fahrenheit and very humid, with evening temps around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a possibility of rain, but it is usually intermittent and in the evenings.

​Is Bali Safe?​
Tourism is Bali's main industry, and Bali is among the top tourist destinations in the world. The incredibly kind and spirited Balinese people rely on Western, European and Eurasian tourism for a healthy economy. Read more information about safe precautions when traveling to Bali HERE

Should I bring cash?
You can use your ATM card for cash, but there is a bank charge of $6 per transaction. We recommend you bring cash and in Crisp $100 bills that are as new as you can find (2008 or newer) DO NOT BRING Travelers Cheques, they are very difficult to change.  Remember to also inform your Bank and Credit Card Companies that you will be using your cards in Indonesia, so they don’t shut them down for fraud.

* Airfare to Denpasar, Bali airport. (booking early can save you significantly).  Prior to booking flights, please do consult with us to ensure the details are correct.

* Transfers for independent arrival and departure in Bali if different than Group Start/Completion Date          

*$25 Visa fee upon arrival (must have exact change)

* Items of a personal nature such as shopping, laundry, telephone calls, massage, snacks, internet services, alcoholic beverages, tips to drivers, guides and hotel staff (plan on minimally $50 total for tips - more as you feel called), travel insurance, etc.

Passport and Visa Requirements
You must have a valid passport to travel to Bali. Very IMPORTANT NOTE: Please check the expiration date of your passport and be sure that it is valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure.
A standard International Airline regulation and they won't let you get on the flight if it is not.

Visa: For US $25 you obtain a 30 day tourist visa when you arrive at the airport in Bali. This is not included in the Retreat Fee.
What are the Balinese people like?​
The Balinese are gracious and kind. Their economy is based on tourism and as such, are always happy to have you there. While officially their religion is listed as Hinduism, it is a unique blend of Hinduism mixed with Animism (honoring all life as sacred. The air, the plants, the animals, etc.). Prayers, celebrations, rituals are abundant daily practices. Road may become spontaneously and temporarily blocked with a wedding or funeral procession which is always a beautiful celebration to witness.

​Travel Insurance
​We recommend purchasing travel insurance as no refunds will be granted for any reason beyond 30days prior to retreat departure. If you need to locate a company, please Google “travel insurance.”
 or view: to view policies and rates.

What about shopping in Bali?​​
Bali is known for its fabulous and fabulously inexpensive shopping. Wood carvings, jewelry, clothing, purses, beaded items, paintings and more.  Bartering isn’t optional-it’s a pastime on Bali. It’s a beautiful meeting of the minds, a playful exchange and a joyous activity.

How to make the most of your experience with Alchemy of the Heart?
Bring an open heart and mind and a willing spirit for adventure. Those who come willing to say “yes” to all that the journey offers are those that come away with the most profoundly amazing experiences.

Recommended Reading
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NOTE: Once you are registered and confirmed, in preparation for your travel and the retreat experience, we will send you more thorough information to help ensure your smooth journey from your home to Bali, and back home again. Of course, whenever traveling, particularly to a foreign country, it's essential to be mentally prepared for the unexpected surprises that may challenge ... and ultimately even delight you. That's why they call it adventure! Nonetheless, rest assured, we are your allies in supporting an unforgettable, remarkable experience ... all the way through.

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