Welcome to Alchemy of the Heart

As Modern civilization moves faster, we see many are losing their sense of community, their sense of purpose and focus, and their connection to the earth.

As we awaken to this reality, we realize that the solutions given up to this point no longer satisfy our needs. The busyness of today has become a distraction from what the soul is crying for.

When we go back to earth based ways and ceremony, we learn about the laws of the universe. One of these is the order of things, which tells us that in order to learn we must go back to the beginning – to a time when things were simple – and in that simplicity we find the truth of ourselves, re-connecting to the wisdom of the heart, soul and body.

Ceremony and earth based practices allow us to explore our human nature.

In ceremony and other earth based practices we discover the conflicts between the mind and heart and the outcome of how this manifests physically in our body.

To heal this conflict, Alchemy of the Heart and Sacred Ways bring together a variety of offerings to share wisdom in safe, nurturing community and personalized environments founded on integrity. Approaching the heart in this sacred way opens us to experience our hearts wisdom and natural capacity to heal…what we call “Alchemy of the Heart”.

The Circle is Strong and Full of Medicine.

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