Rites of Passage for Men

His Mayan and Pueblo heritage bridged with his adoptive Lakota roots has Andrew digging deep into the rich soil of the native traditions. Andrew knows the wisdom and knowledge extracted from the ancient ways will nurture humanity, navigating people back to their spiritual center. Spending time with Andrew Soliz could very well alter the way you look at the sun, the stars, and the canvas that is your life. Tatankamani (Walking Buffalo), carries the traditional teachings of Native American people with wisdom, compassion and concern for all of humanity.


Explore, discover, awaken to your truth…Rites of passage is a gateway for a man or boy to leave one behavior behind and to consciously step into the next chapter of his evolution.
For hundreds of years the Native Americans honored a time in a boy’s life when it became time for crossing the threshold in becoming a man. This sacred tradition was a time for a boy to acknowledge he no longer was a child but a young adult. The metamorphosis into a young adult gave him clarity of his identity and an understanding of his responsibilities of how to behave and what is expected of him as he travels along the path of being a man.
Andrew honors the traditions of Rites of Passage. He guides men and young boys to see everything as a lesson…..that nothing happens to you, it happens for you.
Andrew invites men who never experienced rites of passage to fully engage in this process, which has been known to assist a man on his path in times of confliction. This honored ritual of self serves the soul and all of life.


“Andrew’s wisdom, teachings, spirituality and connection flow from who he is. With Andrew’s guidance, my 14 year old son, Connor, experienced an awakening that gave him a vision for and peace with the kind of man he wants to be. Connor has reconnected with his internal essence and continues to seek Andrew’s counsel as do I. Andrew is a special gift and I am eternally grateful for his presence in our lives.”  -Karen Workman

Andrew's work with Men and Boys is tailored to the individual varying from a week long journey to an afternoon honoring ceremony. To consult or schedule your personal passage; or to gift one to another,  contact us here.

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