• Happy Fall Equinox!


    Today I greet you with appreciation.  I am grateful for this season of Equinox.  I realized today just how deep my connection is to this time of balancing.  Perhaps you too are connecting more deeply with each cycle of our Earth Mother.  This particular cycle feels exceptionally heightened.  Perhaps due to being book-ended between the Solar Eclipse/New Moon of last week and the second of three Full Super Moons coming upon us this next week.  It's a potent brew indeed!  Feels like good news for us all.
    Cycles are ending and New Cycles beginning.  For me, the time between Summer Solstice and today has been a whirlwind of activity.  I have heard the phrase, "burning the candle at both ends" multiple times lately, and I think I almost got burnt! While I'd prefer a light searing....things went a little deeper this time 'round, with Sun Dance and I am feeling the rise of phoenix energy from the sprinkling of ash left behind.
    I am ready to feel my creative essence greet me once again like a languorous lover.
    I know she is coming. I have come to recognize the signs of her on the horizon.  Feelings like flurried movement...... demanding reconfiguration of my living spaces,  and the breaking down of altars from the last season to make space for renewed expressions of devotion. What are you attuning to?
    I love the season of Equinox.  Particularly Autumn as the days will turn more shadowed.  Something rich occurs in the shadow which has me pause in a moment of reflecting and feeling more deeply. Today, I am aware of a subtle feeling of release, allowing me to touch tensions I did not know I was holding (restricting).  I love the feeling of renewal I experience during Equinox, and I realize that my best teaching births forth with Spring and Fall. 

    I suppose the equalization (harmonization) of shadow and light creates an opening.... a suspended momentary lapse in time and space.  There is potency in these Earth Cycles allowing us to access depth Dimensionally. Perhaps in these focused energies, time and space open in higher dimensional fields, becoming more accessible to us at a cellular level.  Its no wonder humanity has celebrated these times for centuries. What is possible?
    I am seeing how the sixth dimension holds the vibrational existence of all time and space.  All Time Exists Here Now.  (time travel is possible!) If this is in fact true, then I ask, "why am I moving so fast to "arrive"?"  "Where is there to arrive to?"  This causes me to pause....and breathe more deeply.  Maybe the movement of velocity I (we?) have been feeling so intensely is required to spin like a top from one dimensional field to another....? I am enjoying these inquiries and wishing I'd studied more Science!!  I trust since Spirit is guiding me to these inquiries, there is little distinction between Spirit and Science. I am grateful once again to BE in the classroom of Spirit!
    Shifts happen. Ready or not.
    We likely all agree that we feel it, yes?   Feel something quickening?  Have you inquired into the quickening?  
    We we humans have celebrated Earths passages with fervor for all time.  We do this as a way of acknowledging, giving thanks for, and receiving the gifts available to us in these focused frequencies. 
    What are you feeling is possible for you? I am seeking something that will surprise me. Delight me.  That is all I am asking for. 
    I have come to know that when I allow for something greater than my own script of what I think is interesting to be revealed, I drink in a more potent brew.  Intention is important.  However, I now understand that liberation unto NOT knowing, is where true potency lies.  Genius is informed, not made.
    What I  did NOT know in the quickening of the Summer Solstice, was that I would discover myself Dancing this year at Pine Ridge.  The Sun Dance Ceremony encircled me unto its embrace.
    If you're still reading, you are likely one who energetically, and/or monetarily offered your heart in support for the Sun Dance.  I would like to thank you.  With the collective support of many in community, we were able to offer a fine contribution in support of Ceremony.  This particular ceremony takes care of hundreds of people.  People come with their prayers.  For offerings and healings.  People come etherically.  People come.
    My journey to Sun Dance was to be of support.  I had no idea I would find myself dancing all four days.  Spirit has a good sense of humor.  And like any good parent, knows when to give you a good strong kick in the ass to get you moving!
    The trip from SoCal to Pine Ridge revealed a series of synchronistic events.  Spirit was calling me to Dance.  My heart heard what my mind was struggling with understanding.   I haven't spoken many words about it.... What I can say is this;  my dance was for my Dad.  He was in his own dance with this thing called cancer over the past year or so, and in that time I sat in many lodges praying for spirit to care for him and allow us to share more life together.  We've been gifted time.
    And so I danced. I danced for my Mother and Father, and for my Beloved, Andrew.  I danced for my Sister.  I danced for our Children.  I danced my offering to Spirit for the blessings of life.  Family.  Love.  Over the course of four days, I felt everyone I know and love in this life and those from the other side.  All had come for Ceremony.
    I am blessed to have been offered the privilege to Dance.  To dance alongside my Beloved was expanding beyond horizon.... 
    I embrace the discovery of what it is to BE a Sun Dancer.  To be a Sun Dancer requires a minimum commitment of four years.  I did not realize at the time what I had said YES to!  Like I said....Spirit has a good sense of humor! And I am still saying yes.
    The process of this journey is running deep.  The subtle notes of my experience are alive in me. 
    I have surrendered any "process of processing" and am welcoming in good heart a deepening in my path of service, as well as insights I can receive as a human wanting to go out of this life fully "used up" from experience life with gusto!
    I thank you for being here to witness me as I reaffirm my commitment over the upcoming years.  My commitment is to Dance for the people.  The people are you and I .... our children and grandchildren.  Our ancestors and elders....  To Dance.  It is an offering up of all that I am unto spirit. 
    The potency of our times.... they are indeed a juicy brew!
    Let us reach to the harmonization of these blessed Equinox energies this day in gratitude.  In appreciation that we can reach and be supported in expanding into the quickening!!!
    I bid you well and pray we all receive that which delights and inspires us to BE. To BE in relation with the ALL as source of love, nourishment and honor, as we are one.  And so it is.... 
    In LOVE - Carrie Rae

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