• Healing the Planet

    easter island

    February has been moving very fast.  We’ve celebrated three family birthdays and supported Danielle through a recent hospitalization visit for mono. We’re seeing more and more how nothing out of balance can be delayed or ignored in the energies of 2013.  Huzzah!!!

    Is this not “what’s up?” Healing Ourselves / Healing the Planet?


    Healing the planet – what does that look like?  It looks like elevating our capacity for bringing energy into form to levels of refinement such that we exist in a higher, more altruistically attuned vibration of “experience and exchange”.  This is where we must place the focused intent of our consciousness.  Our energy.


    We humans reside in the physical realm anchoring between Earth and Sky. We ARE the portal.  One of our most primal functions as humans is to bring energy (source) into form (physical).  For all time we humans have been creating….shelter, tools, families, artistry….FORM.  It is what we are meant to do and I believe our most basic instinct above survival.


    As we are learning to exchange in a more elevated vibration than we have for hundreds of years, and I suspect we will find ourselves creating form in much more interesting, fulfilling, and expansive creations.


    Think about the great pyramids, celtic stone circles or Easter Island.  What type of vibration were humans channeling during the creation of sacred ancient temples throughout the Earth? The ancient ones are back.  They are guiding us upward and outward – we ascend upward and then expand outward – until the next upward evolution comes our way.

    Humanity has been “healing” for some time now.  There are many gradients where people reside in, each of us doing our part in the collective healing process.  There are those who are now leveling-up to exchange in these altruistic vibrations which are healed of the density of karmic bounds. What this feels like is extremely pleasant.


    We are capable of self-actualizing in the full potency of these energies and I believe it is what is occurring throughout the planet.  As we collectively and exponentially emerge actualized – we heal the planet. Women have a particularly unique capacity for translating Womb Wisdom – a flavor of source energy that men do not self-activate but instead interpret through the experience of Woman.


    Following the flow of pleasure in right relation guides us to exchange from a more elevated experience of pleasure.  Pleasantry.  Right Relation.  Right relations meaning in harmony with the continual elevation and evolution of humanity, earth and sky and all such resident beings.


    We always have something to offer in the exchange.  We bring our essence as experienced through our own pleasure as offerings. We give our commitment to explore with humility and grace and to share our wisdom.


    This vibration supports us in exchanging with miracles.  Beauty.  Artistry.  Ease.  Grace.  Life becomes more interesting.  More fulfilling. More fun. Less hard.  Less stressful. Less mundane.


    We begin to remember our multi-dimensional aspects.  Our prism like capacity to see in the darkness of obscurity.  Owl vision.


    owl obscured


    Owl, she is very potent.  She sees through the unconsciousness and self-delusion. She lifts the illusory veils of obscurity from our eyes giving us pause to re-member who we really are.  There is much “re-membering” to do.


    As we understand more about “exchange”, we become more attuned to our connections in nature.  To all that is alive and exchanging with us in the embrace of our Earth Mother.  The taloned ones.  The winged ones.  The creepy crawlies, the finned and scaled, the four legged, the stone people, the standing nation, the sky nation, and of course our two-legged tribe.


    My interest is in furthering my own expansion of consciousness, ideally inspiring a few along the way.  And some of the strongest teachers I have are Skunk, Owl and Hawk.  Hawk medicine is a very refined set of sensitivities of awareness – as most of nature is.  Certainly more so than we humans experience at the level of consciousness we have been vibrating at for centuries.


    We have had many incarnations as humans ranging from incredibly refined societies of philosophers, oracles, prophets and healers to those more dense in survival, scarcity and war. I see what we are experiencing as an upward movement – a “Mystic Renaissance”.  We’ve been dipped into the densities of survival in may ways with unconsciousness (asleep to higher vibrations of elevated sensitivities of awareness) being both the thread of destruction and a birthing through Chaos.  Chaos is intense and has been “up” big-time.  I like the energy of chaos.  ‘Tis a fine line with chaos.  It is really fiery and creative.  It is the last station before what has been gestating takes form – catapulted into life to be experienced and exchanged with.


    It is a bridge between spirit and form and the key to its comfort is to find the mid-line, knowing it is not easy as we are not always meant to be comfortable. It is sweet and juicy here.  And any tendency to stray from that line can lead to either combustion or implosion!!!  Good way or other way dictated by our consciousness and willingness to “bring-it” – bring our thirst.  bring our humility.  bring our genius.  This must be the foundation from which we exchange.  If it’s unclear or tentative, we may have a hard time of it.  Until we learn something.  Until the undercurrent informing the chaos is revealed through integration.  Nature is a great help here.


    I look at Hawk, and I know he sees me.  No matter how far away he is, he has a scope-like laser vision.  He scopes right in. Scope vision and peripheral vision – flying high above.  The peripheral is vast and clear.  Hawk is a great teacher for “What does consciousness look like?”  What does it mean? How does it feel? How will I know it when I am there?  And, every layer that peels back is another level of knowing in the process of ascension.  Hawk, Eagle, Owl ….. The taloned ones, they fly high.  The level of refinement of their vision is very high.  Let Hawk teach you.  What does it look like from Hawk’s view? What is Hawk aware of? He can see a mouse in a field from high above the sky.  I can’t even see the mouse twelve feet away from me scurrying in the rosemary as I till the soil.  Hawk can teach us a very refined sensibility.  As we refine our essence …… WE become more conscious.  More refined in all the views, experiences and complexities of our sensate awareness.  We become more vast…..more clear as mediums for healing the planet.


    hawk eye


    Healing the Planet…… hmmm…..what does that look like?


    In LOVE and Dedication to the process of PEACE on the planet,

    Carrie Rae Woodburn
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