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    Monday, December 17th, 2012

    mayan convergence

    As 2012 nears a close, I reflect back in awe at the velocity of movement and acceleration of these past 11 months.  Crawling out of the sweat lodge on New Year’s Eve as the clock turned 2012, I remember the keen awareness of a distinct and tangible shift.  I remember hearing the phrase “strap on your seatbelt!” And what a ride it has been, yes?!?


    These times feel less and less about healing before we can move forward and more and more about being pulled (or dragged kicking and screaming for some!) forward into expanding what inherently knows to open within our inner well of wisdom. These days I am hearing again and again “there is no more time to do it the old way”.


    Healing is Expanding …..Expanding is Healing.  And Healing doesn’t have to be hard.


    I predict the times ahead will be an amplification of the already existing demand on us to expand.  It can be hard.  It can be easy.  Karmically we each are here to learn something, and as humanity we have a Karmic lesson too. These lessons seem to want reconciliation NOW as in no more time for the drudgery.


    Questions worthy of asking:


    “Am I living fully…..or am I thirsting?”


    “Are my choices in life honoring of the Sovereignty of my heart……. or am I seeking validation in the pleasing of others first?”


    I know there was a time in my life where I had such a great thirst that my spirit had become dehydrated.  Spiritually dehydrated and yearning.  And I had anger for the yearning because it did not come with the understanding of what I was yearning for.  All I knew for sure was that my heart wanted to feel something.  And so my journey began.


    The art of life is about the environment we cultivate.  The atmosphere we choose to live in.  Sometimes it doesn’t feel easy to follow through with those choices of what we want.  Think about how astoundingly strong the current of distraction can be and how much energy we give to the stresses of life.  The areas where we feel stuck drain so much of our energy, which can have us lose sight of the simplicity of what it is to cultivate environment.


    The tangible aesthetic of beauty and artistry, expressed everywhere in our lives gives us energy.  Actually fills us up.  All aspects of life are opportunities to exchange energies.  How we live, what we eat, what we think, how we love… all are openings for either expansion or contraction.


    We are structured such that our levels of awareness parallel the frequencies we vibrate in.  That’s just how it works.  And when we are in a frequency that is more dense, it shuts down the “listening” for new information.


    The concept of choosing to create my atmosphere, my environment, and the place that I reside in as one of beauty and artistry seems simple now.  That has not always been the case. There was a point in time where the vibration I resided it would have made it hard to even hear the message that life can be simple and beautiful.


    Sometimes our listening actually shuts down to avoid throwing into relief the many flavors of unconsciousness we may have operated in for a long long time. Until I began to awaken, much of my lifetime was spent in a heavy brew of unconsciousness.   What I mean by that is the many forms of unconscious behaviors we have refined for numbing out those feelings propelled by the desires of spirit.


    In awakening, Spirit becomes a demand for change.  For choosing to do it differently.


    We’ve been pushed pretty hard to awaken these past 10 years, and it keeps getting stronger.  We’re moving forward….like it or not.


    There is great simplicity in consciousness.  It is intelligent and easy.  It’s not complex.  We make things complex because the complexity supports confusion, distraction, doubt, shame.  Those behaviors we as humanity had become addicted to.


    In the velocity of an emergent refinement of energies, these old behaviors dense in nature are rapidly being dissolved in the field of higher frequencies of intelligence which vibrate as unconditional love (energy).


    This is the power of the exponential growth as collective consciousness stabilizes more and more. Together we create upward movement out of layers of particular densities into higher more porous layers of awareness.  There is more space in the frequency we’re residing in now which fosters the velocity of movement. Consciousness breeds consciousness.  It feeds itself.  It fuels itself.  And when we gather in the ways of community it gets even stronger.


    We are feeling a tangible sense of acceleration all around us because we are in accelerated energies on the planet and in the universe.  Those energies are nudging us hard saying “we no longer have ….. (the time, the luxury, etc). Yet if we resist, resist, resist we can find ourselves suddenly cracked over the head!!


    In the intensity of this year of 2012 many of us are really being cracked open! To sum it up…. it’s been a pretty intense journey.  And it’s been a little hard.  What I’m seeing now is that the hard is lifting.  And it’s getting easier.


    I feel the vibration of surrender growing.  I used to think I could “choose” to surrender.  I haven’t experienced surrender that way.  I know surrender as a prayer – and a push.  When we’re pushed – we get shaken up out of “IT”, whatever it is…. in a way that REQUIRES surrender.  What can you do in those moments when one has no reference or manual to know “how to”.  There’s no “How To for Dummies” in the category of spiritual evolution”.


    So we surrender….at times without even knowing we’re surrendering.  In some cases we’re simply spent.  And so we let go.  Can we embrace the possibility that LOVE will catch us?  That Grace and Spirit will catch us in love?


    As we move into this 13th moon of 2012, we honor and celebrate all that we’ve experienced these past 12 moons.  We acknowledge what a blessing it is to be alive on the earth for these times of experiencing ascension in physical form.  To experience the completion of a karmic loop for humanity and the opening of a new doorway to more than before.


    The Mayan Calendar completes a cycle on 12.21.12.  We will be in ceremony making new friends in France. Where will you be?


    While I do not subscribe to apocalyptic predictions, I know in my heart that this next cycle will be an immersion in higher frequencies of energy and clarity supportive of a continual expansion for humanity and all beings. Expansion such that we gain more ground in our own intelligence as that of universal source.  Energies of uplift from the years of density and distraction.


    I’ve learned a lot this year. I am seeing Communal living as the next wave in healing the collective unconscious. Supporting one another as a tribe is what we and the children need. The children really need this. In a communal setting , children flourish. All one has to do is observe the children at any gathering. They fill up! They expand. They are in more glory. The children are the teachers. Their pure hearts are unfiltered and they naturally respond to these lighter energies. The more we dissolve the old constraints, the more we too respond. Becoming the stewards we are meant to be for the Earth, we get stronger.


    The children are blessed. And our job is to steward a space for them. That is really what’s up. Stewarding an environment of love and community for the children to be full. They will organically create the emergent space for the new paradigm.


    We must look after the children……and the fast track for that is looking after ourselves. When we look upon ourselves with love, we are clear. Clear to be the stewards we are meant to be for the children.


    Oh Boy…..once again I am hearing “Strap on your Seatbelt as we’re speeding up!”


    ……there’s velocity and movement! This is good news…..Bathe in the star particles as they elevate your spirit and form.


    Aho. Blessed Be. Here’s to a Gracious New Year!

    Carrie Rae

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