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    For me, Creating is the most exciting thing to do.  And these days it is all I want to do.  It’s the thing that gets my energy really clear….crystal clear.  In creating, something that wasn’t just moments before, suddenly IS….  Creation is such a rich form of liberation.

    Its fun. REALLY FUN!  Rewarding.  Completely surprising.  Where else can you be in a process of discovery that involves just you and your own intelligence?  I equate our intelligence with universal intelligence. Where else can you go and have that?  You know, where it is totally fresh and new, birthing in the moment.  Discovering what is there NOW……vs. again NOW…. and then again NOW.

    It is so much fun to ride the current of consciousness.  It’s the best ride ever – I feel it as the cosmic ride of ascension!  I love that I can say that in the midst of what is now the most trying time of my life with so much tension (chrysalis becoming butterfly tension).  Tension and suffering changes us – allows us to discover the depth of who we are.  There was one more traumatic time in my life, but that may not have been more poignant.  I think this is perhaps the most poignant time of my life. In my awareness. And I attribute it to those initiations.  The many self-initiations I’ve had to pass through.  I am grateful for all of those experiences as they had me have to get dirty ….get down where its really gritty.  Where are you being asked to get down into the grit? This is how we grow…how we mold and stretch and become.  We’re always becoming….or withering.  There is no middle ground.

    We find out how strong we are when we’re stripped down of the comforts of what we expect, what we’ve been accustomed to, what we fantasize about, what we’re willing to expand into, or where we’d been limiting our expression.  Each of us has carved out our own reality based on our ideals, our beliefs, our conditions of satisfaction for ourselves.  That’s a really big one….. how many of us have conditions of mediocrity as our levels of satisfaction? When we’re exposed to as much mediocrity as we are, and have been for so long….many have become unconscious and asleep. It’s not bad….a little dumbed down….but it’s not bad.  Its more from being groggy.  We just got really groggy.  We probably had a spell cast on us to go to sleep for awhile.   And now….we’re waking up as many have prophesied of these times.  I think its more than just waking up…..I mean, we’re really waking up!  We’re waking up in ways we probably haven’t been since our galactic birth! Since our time underground in Atlantis, Lumeria, and wherever it is the giants and the Hopi’s went.  The toltecs, mayans…..all those guys.  Did their cells start spinning so fast that they launched into another reality?  And what if that reality exists side by side with our own?

    As we wake up we become closer to more refined energies. Our awareness can discern patterns of energy where the veils that keep much mystery obscured lie. And so as our awareness and clarity around that develops, it looks like “Oh….there’s that reality”….along with many other realities.  Lots of dimensions and realms to explore!! It’s all being revealed.  I’m having fun with that too!

    It’s been really cool to be way more attuned than before to frequencies of intelligence that are not…. you know…. the norm of what I was in before.  Yeah….way fun.

    So, how does one create when one doesn’t feel creative – or hasn’t experienced oneself as creative?  I don’t know if I can answer that….but I’ve experienced that.

    When I was in high school I loved art – took art classes.  I got OK at copying other works which is perfectly fine.  A good way to develop muscle.  And then one day…..suddenly there was a surge of energy that was so sure in nature.  It just knew what to do….you know like, get out of the way….turn on some music….move your body….and let’s just GO.  Let’s go for a ride. Let’s have a good time.  The energy wants to have fun.

    Did I know what to do? No. But I was committed to expanding my consciousness for many years – still am. Always will be.  There is nothing more interesting to me than the evolution of consciousness that occurs when we are willing to heal what we don’t know needs healing.  I suppose I could say my practice in the breath lead me to where I am today.  That and my thirst to always explore more than before!

    Sometimes it’s as easy as saying YES.  And maybe we have to say yes for six months….six years!  I know I’ve been say yes to THIS for a really long time.  Not even knowing this is what I was saying yes to.  This! What IS this!!??!!?  You know that feeling…..where your soul has a thirst to experience something in this body that is so great that it pushes you and compels you….to grow.  It can look kinda crazy to some.  Sometimes I look crazy to myself….but I’m OK with that!  ‘Cause it’s WAY interesting.

    So I always am curious about things like when having a baby – I remember I realized at one point when an epiphany hit like “Oh my God – this is the most amazing experience of my life…why is nobody talking about this?” I remember that – like really why was nobody talking about the bliss of motherhood?  I know not everybody feels that but I was really blessed to, and man….I just thought that was it.  And no-one tells you!

    So I wonder… every time I find myself in another stage of awareness, I always wonder “How many people know this?”  “Where am I on the totem pole?” And then I laugh….. It’s not competitive.  I think its just a little comparison.  That is something most of us have a little dose of.  Many a big dose. Especially women. You know comparison is really dangerous – and SO limiting. When we’re in comparison we’re generally stifled and not allowing the brilliance of who we are to come through.  Of course it’s not going to be anything like what we’re looking for if we’re looking through comparison.  It’s going to look entirely different – WAY more intelligent when it emerges naturally.

    Our intelligence is SO brilliant! Bright and Brilliant and Unique!  When I think about what this shift is about….what I dream it’s about and pray its about is that we all ascend to say even the vibration of creativity!  This vibration. If we could all just get here….and I know we will go higher as many already have.  Do we keep going until we reach ascended master?  I don’t know. Maybe.  I know there’s a long way to go.  I probably just graduated first grade! I’m probably in second grade now.  I was in kindergarten this time last year so I’m feeling pretty good about being in second grade!  And it’s definitely getting more fun!

    Yeah…..if we just got here.  We would be rockin!  Everything would be different.  Exchange.  I don’t know about you, but for me it is getting harder and harder to be receiving exchange from something that I am not entirely committed to.  Thats what it looks like when career changes because of purpose.  OK – I resisted for a long time.  When I look at it now it’s become so uncomfortable.  I’m being really pushed to see where the energy is really flowing….just right over here…. to take a step just a tad to the right where there is this whole OTHER experience of flow.  Complete abundance.

    I really understand that word abundance for the first time now. I thought I was good at manifesting abundance….and I’ve done a good job manifesting in the physical.  And now….I think we’re being asked to find a new form of exchange that honors the essence of each person.  You know, the way we are meant to flow and express.  Whatever form that takes that there be really sweet exchange that comes with honoring that and being in devotion to that.  That’s what it is.  Devotion. When I am creating, whether it be creating beauty in painting, leather, jewelry, or tillin’ the soil on the land….It is blessed devotion. When we act in devotion we discover our craft everywhere.

    What is your craft? I’m really interested in that.  I love when I get to hear back from you.  Those of you who write me back to share how these words resonated with some part of you.  And what you’re up to.  It’s really good to connect.  We are learning deeper lessons in community because it is time to heal the old wound of separation.  We need to experience that we are not alone. That’s been a huge burden of humanity.  We carry this back-pack around that says “I’m all alone” and we’re carrying all of the DNA in that back-pack from thousands of years….so that’s kind of heavy. So you know, we can just set that down.

    I believe the expression of our craft organically evolves to devotional practice.  Your craft is your heart. It is your soul.

    Our souls expression that it yearns to delight in is our creative impulse.  As I see it, our creative impulse is that which animates the soul in the body.  Because it is on purpose.  When we listen to and give form to our creative impulse, Spirit is close. And so we’re inspired.  Uplifted.

    Spirit is right here….infusing the very air that I breathe.  Caressing my fingertips.  And I caress back.  This is the act of Devotion.  God, Source, Life enters into us and we give gratitude and thanks as we reach out and touch back – and we receive – we receive more with each cycle.  I see it as the structure of the universe expanding and collapsing.  I see the energy of our intelligence always leaning into expansion.  When the energy expands – it gets greater – holds more.  And then collapses folding into itself where it becomes absorbed in a way that allows for even more to be received.  More Spirit.  More Energy.  More Form.  Absorbing creates space for the next cycle of expansion to hold even more than before.  And aaahhhhh….does it feel good to be in Devotion!

    A really rich exploration is to inquire more deeply here.  What is devotion to you? What is it for me? I’m just discovering new layers to devotion.  I went to church my entire childhood and never even touched true devotion until I discovered Spirit through my own Breath.  I never really understood Devotion until experiencing myself moved out of myself into God – Goddess – Source.  And this act of devotion is wanting to be expressed in other places out in the world.  What does that look like?  It looks like beauty everywhere.  That kind of beauty….. how does that beauty want to shower its way into every aspect of life?

    Your life…..how does that want to shower your life?  The essence of beauty that is pure creative source. Light.  Glory. What is that for you?  For me, it is showing everywhere.  Not just my art, my leather, my jewelry, my clothing, my food, but my children.  It is really showing up in my family.  Our children are healing.  Big time healing.  Each one of them is coming into a new aspect of themselves with courage.  They are demonstrating such great courage.  Having a family like ours is a push!  Definitely a pushing experience at times for us all.  They know they’re blessed….and we know we’re blessed.  We’re all really happy and grateful for each other.  And we’re all becoming bolder.  Because of our love, and the vibration we are all feeling; we’re all becoming braver in what we’re willing to risk that is new.  That’s uncomfortable.  That we haven’t stretched for before.  Like really stretching to what is next.  Now What?

    So yeah – let me know! Now what for you?  What’s up with you? What’s kicking your ass? What’s drawing you out? What’s sucking you in? What’s wanting to burn you to ash? All that is wanting to expand you.  Every one of those experiences that you are in right now that feels raw is there to expand you.  It’s happening for you.  And I say celebrate it.  People look at me like I’m nuts sometimes when I say that but you know what I mean.  Celebrate it.  It means you’re alive.  It means your moving.  It means you’re growing – stretching – demanding more.  Cause you know, as humanity we’ve got to get our fire back and become a demand for life.  Like I’m willing to fight.  I’m willing to be a warrior for life.  For the vitality of life.  I stand for that. I’m all over that.  So what’da say? Let’s GO!! Lets have some FUN!

    In LOVE and Dedication to the process of PEACE and gentle integration on the planet, Carrie Rae Woodburn

    illuminated lotus

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