• Equinox Blessings!

    I haven’t written in awhile which usually means I’ve been deep in immersion having experienced something you may (or may not) find useful to share in!!!  I think it is good for us to share.  It is good to know we are in a collective experience as in our own way we are all deeply “in it”.

    These days I’m paying more attention to solar activity.  I’m no expert but I’m listening as spirit continues to nudge my awareness upward to Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon.  In dreamtime I am seeing the glow of the Auroras as fiery explosions of color and form in our skies.  Many of my dreams are revealing activity emerging from the heavens.

    Astronomers say the solar activity is ramping up now toward an 11 year cyclical peak in early 2013.  Geometric disturbances in our Earth’s magnetic field are the strongest during the equinoxes, and this creates the beautiful visions of our Northern Lights.  Solar flares create magnetics which measurably affect our Earth and our technology.  Although no metrics exist in the physical, we know that planetary cycles and shifts have significant influence over our physical and spiritual bodies as well.

    This morning we welcome the Autumn Equinox, a day of balance when day and night… light and dark….are equal.  What can we learn from this?

    As the planets activate, accelerate, and shift we must remember that we too become accelerated through time and space.  I believe we are physiologically going through a massive contextual change as we adapt to new cosmological energies affecting our planet.  What are these changes wanting to bring about in manifest form? Are we EVOLVING in order to usher in a New Earth…a new Millennium of peace as prophesied by Jesus and Mary Magdalene and many ancient cultures?  I say unequivocally YES.  And in this evolutionary velocity we can count on nothing remaining untouched.  EVERYTHING is being uplifted from the unconscious to heal in the light of truth.  Now more than ever we must engage our ability to be conscious and embrace the lessons of what is happening (not to but for us) in our lives in order to heal.

    We must feel it to heal it.  No way around it, over it, under it.  Only through feeling deeply do we receive the lessons to heal our karma and our human lineage.

    These are demanding times.  And we are here because humanity is ready to evolve. Remember this when it gets rocky.   We Agreed to BE HERE NOW.  While not all have agreed to move forward at this time (why many loved ones are leaving the planet), there are many whose spirit fully intends to be embodied in physical form in an experience of great mystery.

    These days I am attuned mostly to the sun as I’m feeling the energy of fire everywhere.  I am embracing fire as it burns me to ash from the inside out.  I am grateful.  I know this is my deepest healing yet, for this day I find myself at my core.  My lineage in all its former obscurity is front and center.  It has my attention in every way.  This year I knew my greatest lesson would come through an immersion and understanding of Polarity and Duality.  Every nuance of gradient that falls between light and dark holds me enraptured.  This day of equal measure between light and dark feels more significant than before as lately, Spirit has gifted me with many forms of experiencing the poles of extreme; the most potent of all revealing within my own lineage.

    These days I find myself dancing intimately in a comfortable space between blissful explosions of creativity blowing the lid off any former limitation of what I thought possible; and dark stinging depths of pain that want to source the light right out of me.  I am strong in the space between the extremes. I have perspective here.  I can see more here.  Feel more here.  Heal more here.

    Perhaps you too are feeling the fire of transmutation wanting to create space within you for some emergent quality to take form.  What does this look like in your life?

    Exterior layers are those occurrences trying to get our attention and take many forms often feeling like LOSS as: relationship, money, trust, career, home, exhaustion, death, physical confront, breakdown, disease, attack and more.

    In mine the past month has looked like:  Dad with cancer and aneurism, shake up in economic foundation,  business in transition, personal slander, tax audit, burst pipes, appliances breaking down, chronic physical pain, etc, etc… (yes it goes on)

    …..all asking us to relinquish and let go

    Interior layers are the emergent qualities of unencumbered self which emerge organically through a commitment to HEALING as: expansion, transmutation, relief, creation, transformation, clarity, inspiration, awakening, reclaiming, softening, self-love and joy.

    In mine it looks like busting out in creative artistry – painting, leather work, jewelry, self-discovery, inspiration, clarity, deep and profound love, joy, new business concepts and development, children evolving and opening, healing, community, friendship, family, and more….

    …..all asking us to trust in spirit

    We live in a universe of duality.  These things happen side by side, and the trajectory of acceleration we are in is heightening the polarity in both extremes, together as one.  No one less than or greater than the other.  They both have merit in service.  And the steepening of the gradient reveals a glimpse into the potency of healing occurring.

    I give you an Equinox challenge this day:  Practice dropping any identification with good/bad – positive/negative – right/wrong. Practice seeing all as an “IS-ness” to be honored for what it is and what it is asking of you.

    What does it look like to be moved out of our existence of duality into oneness?  These times feels gritty and deep and exciting to me like the chaotic bliss just before the birth.  I’m practicing dropping my ideas of what is or isn’t – good or bad, right or wrong.  In this I feel a vastness of space allowing a new form of intelligence to inform me of who I really am.

    As I relinquish myself to trust I feel more and more support.  Spirit has my (our) back. I remind myself  “As Above, So Below”.  This helps me move with courage through the intimacy of my inner healing as I know it to be representative of the greater whole.  As I (we) continue to choose healing, the planet heals.

    In these most demanding times, I have been reminded of the healing grace of my practice in the breath.  I am blessed to know this as an instrument of spirit and to share it with others.  It provides me direct access to spirit with nothing in the way.  If it’s been awhile for you, or if you’re new to the practice I invite you to come experience the power of your breath with me privately or in group.  The invitation is for spirit to move within you in a visceral exchange of truth. 

    Today in honoring equinox let us breathe in a prayer of expansion. Let us source a resting place of equality and balance within our own internal light and our dark … where there is space for spirit to reveal what is wanting to heal.

    And so it is.   We honor this day of blessed harmony.

    We are off next week to play and pray on the Colorado River through Black Canyon. This is becoming our most popular retreat and as such we are already booking for spring.

    We are thrilled to have moved gracefully through the city’s design review process receiving approval to continue our sweat lodge ceremonies at our home in Laguna Beach.  Blessed Be to all and especially the many who held truth as the guiding principle for the good of all.

    In LOVE and Dedication to the process of PEACE and gentle integration on the planet,

    Carrie Rae Woodburn

    solar flares

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