• Preparing for Sun Dance

    We’ve just cycled through our Summer Solstice – a time of warmth and joy as we embrace the fullness of growth from the intentions we’ve been nurturing since winter.  I love this time of year as it feels full, vibrant and open.  It is a good time to allow ourselves an observance of all we have given energy to in its many forms of creation.

    Andrew and I are on the road to South Dakota preparing for the Sun Dance Ceremony on the Pine Ridge Reservation. This will be Andrews seventh year dancing.

    The Sun Dance is one of the Seven Sacred Ceremonies given to the Lakota people. Sun Dance is a ceremony that represents life and rebirth. Sun Dance is a New Year ceremony celebrated in the summer, usually on a full moon. It is a very powerful and sacred ceremony that has withstood severe oppression many times since it was given to the People.

    This will be my first time attending.  I am feeling so much and understanding more about the nature of the ceremony as it nears.   Like all who are called to be there, I am bringing my prayers and readiness to leave behind all that is complete and wanting to rebirth into new form. I’ve been shown a lot about death in the Dreamtime as we near. It is helping me understand the cycle of death and rebirth. How holding on to what is ready to die creates dis-ease and dis-harmony in our bodies.  Nature shows us everything we need to know.  So we go…. we let go….

    I have guided many this year in ceremony, healing, counseling, and breathing. I am grateful to be of service and I am bringing a piece of each one of you with me.  I will dance for you and pray for you as I support the Sun Dancers with our collective prayers for the Earth. For Humanity.  For Healing, Truth and Devotion.  Together, we will release the struggle and pain….opening to more than before. More blessing.  More wonderment, miracle and joy. More LOVE.

    We are bringing our Tipi to stand on the prairie and hold us in her sheltering grace.  Although she’s been down recently, she’s continues to teach me more about reverence and devotion. She gives me new eyes to see and ears to hear. I am grateful for the awareness.The focus of this Ceremony is one prayer: healing for the Mother Earth. We are praying for all humanity. We are giving thanks for all the good things that the Creator has given to us. I want to thank all of you for your generous support, in both prayer and donation.  We are able to contribute to the Dance more than we could have on our own because of you. As Andrew says, Wopila! (big gratitude).

    Consciousness continues to grow!  Do you feel it peeling away layers of veils that hold us back from experiencing all of we are? As greater levels of consciousness are attained and sustained, we know more of who we are. We become more comfortable in our own skin. We find space here. We exchange in an inquiry with SELF.

    More SELF emerges through consciousness. More inquiry as in a universal merging of thirst and knowledge. I experience consciousness in this way…..as a very sweet exchange of my thirst and universal knowledge.

    My favorite aspect of consciousness is how it supports us in enjoying ourselves more. We like who we’re hanging out with…. OurSELF: the inquiry aspect of our intelligence that sees more, feels more, intuits more, is inquisitive and inquiring about more, thirsts more, and knows greater depths of satisfaction and pleasure in everything.

    Pleasure is a stream that runs through consciousness. I believe it is the essence of Flow. When we say being in the flow – we are referring to pleasure. And it is a very high vibration. Pleasure is the current that runs the river of Flow.  Are you giving yourself permission to experience Pleasure?

    There is a steep gradient with consciousness. It demands our actions become more committed and rooted in integrity. From committed action we slice the cake a little thinner. Become more laser like in our exchange with spirit and all that is. Everything becomes more refined. Our listening as well as our not-listening. There is much less wiggle room.

    If life is feeling hard right now, perhaps a closer look to where you’re not being your word (truth) is appropriate.  With yourself first and foremost – and then with others.

    I always say it’s like being out on the skinny branches – there’s not a lot of lee-way. In consciousness we get hit much harder when not being our word. There is more at stake. Not walking responsibly with the medicine of consciousness, we are guaranteed to feel it!

    Consciousness is a powerful medicine that won’t easily be abused!

    And this is a gift. The rewards of moving on the trajectory of consciousness are incredible. They show us who we are and why living through conscious commitment is good.

    Seeking practical practices of awareness assists us in moving out of those habitual acts that foster unconsciousness, as they are the easiest ones to experience expansion through.

    I look forward to sharing my experience of the Sun Dance Ceremony with you next time…. meanwhile thank you for your prayers.  The Ceremony runs July 5-8th with July 4th as tree day.  Your prayers are so appreciated…. send them on the wings of your heart.  We will feel you and recognize you there….

    In LOVE and Dedication to the process of PEACE on the planet I bid you well…

    Carrie Rae Woodburn

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