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    It’s my Birthday.   I’m 48 today.  My Love, Andrew always talks about the value of choosing one thing to learn each year.  The value in choosing one thing allows it to condense down to a potency of refined nuance.  Allows the most conscious aspects of that lesson to be presenced and fully absorbed.  I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to learn.  I have a lusty appetite for learning and there is so much swirling in the acceleration of time right now. I feel my trajectory for consciousness speeding up beyond any semblance of control!  Like it or not (yes, I really like it), I’m growing (we’re growing) exponentially in every way.  I can barely integrate the lessons in a way I am used to before I’m on to the next classroom of spirit!!! I get that even our integration is accelerated.  Everything is happening much faster than even six months ago.

    Knowing I’ll be learning a lot this year, I’m choosing to focus in on a very physical act where I easily lose consciousness. This year I’m committing to conscious driving.  I almost said, committed to “more” conscious driving.  We can so easily give ourselves a back-door yes? More is a back door.  It gives me an out.  It’s like maybe or try.  Words I find very dis-empowering.   Just the act of inserting the word “more”  is like a weak link that allows for energy to fall out and not be that which I am committed to.  I’m committed to conscious driving. I know if I can be conscious in the act I become most unconscious in, then I will be stronger in my overall awareness of life.

    How many of us get behind the wheel and un-plug?  Fall into distraction or become mesmerized only at what is in front of us? What would it be like if instead of being tracked on the road for speed the metric for what warranted ticketing was lack of consciousness? Like levels of alcohol in the bloodstream – levels of consciousness in driving was the barometer.  My guess is we’d have a lot of folks losing their license!

    I notice in myself how dangerous it is when I see the disparity in the times I’m driving as if asleep.  Like riding a bike, i just do it and sometimes don’t think much about it at all.  Thoughts, distracting actions – all pull my awareness away from my feet to the pedal, hands to the wheel, eyes scanning the peripheral.

    I believe the act of driving consciously is an excellent tool for developing the general muscle of consciousness.  Feeling the layers of peripheral streams of activity, energy and dimension with our awareness is a great way to build a stronger muscle of consciousness.  The layers is where consciousness organically Iends itself to expanding.   Once we can feel at the hem of consciousness, we find there a natural reach capacity that allows us to expand.  Like tendrils, one’s energy starts to explore and seek out more of that which sparked a knowing.  In this regard, consciousness really is exponential.  I find when I am in this stream of expansion, I feel more clearly the vibrations all around me. The nuances of different towns or cities, institutions, cultures, people and nature.

    I am growing awareness as my muscle memory in all aspects of life.  And I know if I can build this muscle in driving, or any area I am not clear, I will be blessed with exponential growth.  So yeah, becoming more consciousness in my driving feels like a good choice.

    I believe that humanity is being asked (dare I say demanded….) to wake up.  To give our energy solely to those acts/ thoughts/ inspirations that allow us to grow our awareness.  Why??  Because there are thousands of streams of probable realities.  We dip in and out of them in terms of how we create our future all the time.  Why is it that two people living side by side can have completely opposing views and experiences of life?  Because there are thousands of streams of probable realities that could happen at any given time based on our seat of consciousness and commitment.  Our energy. As we evolve to higher vibrations it is a process of ascension and what that looks like is we are creating futures that are ever changing based on where we are energetically.  Being clear allows for streams of understanding to flow to us, and streams of beauty to flow from us.

    When I feel into this, I feel a great deal of hope for humanity.  As more become conscious it creates greater waves of energy that others are impacted by and it wakes something up and that too is exponential.  As we wake up collectively, we see.  We see more clearly the veils that have been covering up inquiries, and realizations, and potentials for a particular kind of future.

    One example is close to me.  We live near the San Onofre nuclear power plant.  It would be easy to be in fear of the risks associated with a nuclear plant so close to our community.  By putting energy into conscious evolution and growing versus focusing on the fear, space for ascension opens upward – probable realities alter – and interesting in this example as San Onofre has recently gone dark and may be moving toward a permanent shut down.  This is really good news and we must not lose sight of how these occurrences are indicators.  One probable reality I’m interested in is where there is no nuclear power to be used and abused – or as a vulnerable place for attack.

    Just imagine….how many matters are we shifting that we can’t clearly see or perhaps understand just yet?  Control mechanism of government and banking are surely moving toward rapid combustion for change.  Food and water are quickly becoming our most precious resources.  What might that look like in the next layer up?  Enough food and water for all??  And what of over- population? Who knows what may happen here – a natural thinning of the herd?  Nature shows us how this happens all the time – so why wouldn’t it happen with us?  I’m quite sure it has.  I believe there have been times on the earth where the population was this great.  Barbara Marciniak refers to a time when there was even greater population than today.  We too are part of nature.  We’re creators.  Isn’t it about time we stop living like we’re powerless and at effect vs. ambassadors of cause?

    I am fascinated and excited by what we can create….. to me it looks like I imagine the times of Atlantis and Lumeria….. high levels of living in harmony.

    Do you ever wonder or hypothesize on what happened to those ancient cultures like the Inca, Toltec, Hopi and the Mayans?  They didn’t just disappear.  More likely, they folded into a higher probable reality – a higher vibration.  And who knows, perhaps they are here….. living right beside us.  Obscured….Veiled….Through Dimensions.  I feel we are heading toward another folding of veils.  An opening really.  Looks to me like a twist – a twisting, spiraling acceleration.  Flipping out the other side like an hourglass infinity…..much more to come on this so stay tuned…

    Conscious driving….hmmm…..who knows where this will lead.  I suspect this “one thing” I’m wanting to learn will lead me to many nuances of insight.  The only thing I know for sure is that I am growing. YOU?!?!?

    In LOVE and Dedication to the process of PEACE on the planet I bid you well…

    Carrie Rae Woodburn

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