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    I awoke moments ago to crisp clear morning.  Sitting here overlooking the land I am filled with gratitude for our new home and all that brought me here.  I’ve had to allow all that was out of balance within me to be seen and acknowledged through the act of change in order to find myself here now. I’ve been sharing much this year with you all about my experience of change, manifestation and love.  All of which live as vibration becoming form.  Simple physics. Energetics.  Alchemy.

    I am aware of how complex we sometimes want things to be.  How staying in confusion, fear or pain seems somehow easier.  It’s not. We are masterful at tricking ourselves into staying in the quagmire where things are really sticky convincing ourselves that to risk the discomfort of change is too much. It’s not. It’s natural.  Going against our nature and our hearts truest desire is what creates our discomfort and pain.  Today I ask you, “What  is your heart asking of you?” …… and….. “What are you willing to risk to listen and act on your hearts desire?”

    Anytime I get confused, afraid or stuck in old patterns, I look to nature as she has become my most revered teacher.  Continually, I seek depth and connection to the cycles of nature, and the way life takes form in flow.  I am learning to “BE” this way.  I believe in the truest sense of BEING, we self-initiate the aspects of ourselves wanting and yearning for healing. The cycles of nature and the new moon always remind me that there is a young and fertile force in all of us which lends a quickening of new life and new beginnings.  It only asks we be willing to acknowledge the stirrings of what is ready to die in the compost of what we are dropping, and align in the potency of right action.

    So where are you now? I would love to hear from you.  As I sit here now, the sun is rising over the eastern ridge and the birds are singing a morning song.  I love the fall.  It is my favorite time of year.  I love feeling the changing in the seasons, as through it she reminds me of the chance to start yet again. Attuning to the cycles of the Moon and the Earth as she lives both within and without has become my greatest form of worship and devotion.

    We are in a powerful cycle with a new moon and an autumn harvest.  Sit with this today.  Slow down today and let your awareness feel the darkening of daylight and this evening the night sky. Notice the deeper golden essence in the sun today.  Autumn is the time for long term planning and nurturing. In nature, old growth organically drops to become a rich mulch for new life. In the garden we prune so the plants and trees can consolidate their strength for the winter making way for good growth in the spring.  What can we learn from her?

    I say make at least one decision today about what you want to cut back and what you want to strengthen.  Look to what is ready for pruning and see yourself cutting free of those patterns with appreciation for all the lessons they have taught you. It may be a person, a pattern, a condition or belief you’re needing to shed. The seeds of ideas and the seeds of hope you plant now will re-emerge in the spring strengthened by their time in the dark and stabilized by their roots.

    Change is sometimes most difficult because it almost always affects those we love. This is how we grow, learn and strengthen our awareness of what is real.  Let us live the example of what is real.  Whatever that is for you….seek it.  Honor it with your truth.  The old paradigm of martyrdom, sacrifice and pain is exactly that.  Old.  The children are demanding a different way.

    You want more life?  Simple Alchemy.  Play.  Play and Pray.  Live AS devotion.  Bathe in the vibration of what you are dreaming into form. Share yourself more generously.  Love yourself more gently.  FEEL EVERYTHING….. We are Creators.  This you know.

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