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    Dear Friends,

    I hope and pray that you are well as we bring summer to an end. It’s amazing how much can happen in a few months time. On the Medicine Wheel Summer is the time of the child. We are born in Spring as infants and then move to Summer as a child before we go the the West as an Adolescent and the North as an Adult.

    It is a beautiful time for us to reflect on our lives. We all have “issues” around our childhood that we work on and heal from. It’s also important to look at the good things from our past. What was happy, beautiful, curious and joyful? How can we still embody the positive aspect of the child in a healthy way now to enhance our lives? Remembering that every day we wake up is a opportunity to start our life over is one way. As they say “Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery”. Being grateful for each day of life we are given can allow us to fully live in the gift of that day.

    I have been blessed to have my children living with me now. Our home is full of energy love and lots of laughter. It has made my heart happy to see life thru their eyes for the past few months and that is why I am reminding you to do the same. We are enjoying every minute before school starts in a couple of weeks.

    I am happy to say that we will begin holding monthly sweat lodges for the community beginning in September. Our lodge is still in Santa Barbara for now however We hope to have a location in Laguna Beach by October. Please send prayers for our space to come. This space will allow Carrie and I to hold regular gatherings, sweats, healing circles and weekend retreats.

    During this time when there are so many spiritual seekers there may be a tendency to align with one circle or another. There are Yoga circles, Pacha Mama circles, Breathing circles and many others that can cause us to be separate from each other.

    Take time to step back, pull away from all the circles until you are out into space. When you look back, you will see one circle….. that is our mother earth. The one circle that we all belong to.

    Peace and Love,

    Andrew Soliz

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