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  • Tibetan Monks Visiting the Tipi...

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    Last week Carrie, I and our kids had seven Tibetan Monks come to our home and sit in our Tipi with us along with thirty people from our community. We shared songs, prayers and gifts. I told them of a dream I had many years ago and how this was part of that dream.

  • Preparing for Sundance...

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    Eight years ago I found myself in the center of a sacred circle, dancing, praying, feeling the tears run down my face as I stared at the sacred Sun Dance tree. I remember the year before I started dancing when I was at a Sun Dance as a helper, smudging the dancers and tending to the sweat lodges. 

  • Welcome 2012...

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    “Don’t just get old, learn something”. For many years I have used this quote given to us from the elders. I am grateful to them for sharing this wisdom. For me it has stimulated much thought and in typical Native wisdom, it leaves a lot of room for us to figure out our own answers. And, all good answers come from good questions. How does this apply in my life? What does it mean?

  • One Circle...

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    I hope and pray that you are well as we bring summer to an end. It’s amazing how much can happen in a few months time. On the Medicine Wheel Summer is the time of the child. We are born in Spring as infants and then move to Summer as a child before we go the the West as an Adolescent and the North as an Adult.

  • Earth Day...

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    Earth Day, the ultimate Mother’s day. It is so important for us children to remember our mother and be thankful for all she does for us even when we don’t ask. Like any good Mother all she wants is for us, her children, is to reach our full potential, to find our gift and share it with the world, with our other Brothers and Sisters.

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