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    Earth Day, the ultimate Mother’s day. It is so important for us children to remember our mother and be thankful for all she does for us even when we don’t ask. Like any good Mother all she wants is for us, her children, is to reach our full potential, to find our gift and share it with the world, with our other Brothers and Sisters.

    We are in the time of spring. A time when all of nature is full of new life. On the Medicine Wheel it is the time when we first come into life, when we are born. A time as humans that we begin our journey. On earth it is a time when seeds grow, flowers bloom eggs hatch… a time for renewal of all life.

    Energetically we have the opportunity to apply all of this to what we are bringing forth in ourselves and in our lives. We can ask, what is asking to be born thru me? How will I allow this to happen? What is my gift, my purpose? Can I do this?

    These questions show that as humans we are inquisitive, creators, doubters and believers. Somewhere in our lives we were shown to doubt our gifts. Even though our intuition shows us that we are all creators…. Gods. Someone told us we had to be perfect. What is perfection? I don’t know what that is, but I do know this. We are all just another part of nature. There is no perfection in nature. There are no two leaves the same, no two blades of grass or two sunsets the same. No tree is perfectly straight and no two animals are identical to each other. However, everywhere there is beauty.

    When we strive for perfection we will become frustrated and tired. We may even give up. When you strive for beauty, you will find it. You will be content and happy. Beauty is where your gift to the world lives. Perhaps you are a speaker, painter, teacher, mother, father, sculptor or listener. How beautiful! It was never meant to be hard. Now is the time to relax into your heart, find your beauty and your gift to share.  Allow the energy of spring renewal to let you see yourself with new eyes.



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