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    One of the lovely un-predictable side effects of working within a construct of committed awareness is that it creates a container in the realm of the unknown that says “Here is a space open and available to be informed by the mysteries and the expressions ofSpirit“. Herein resides a space available to the organic layers of energy, vibration, knowledge and understanding that are eternally wanting to be discovered and engaged with. I am so grateful for the sophistication and generosity of my own Breath, as it continually guides me deeper into the experience of undiscovered inner realms of my essence.

    Our society is heavily immersed in a collective agreement of limitation and a basic fear of being fully expressed. It lives as an epidemic. The current is strong and it takes courage and commitment to eddy out of a this sort of deeply embedded structure. Where is the generosity in a structure of beliefs that support the seeing through comparative eyes and small stature? Where do we begin to impact change if not in our own ability to be generous with ourselves? Are we not meant to experience ourselves and eachother from a place of fulfillment….as the highest expression of Self? And if that is so, how then are we of service to God and to the Glory of this Life if we are withholding our own Glory? Questions perhaps worthy of further inquiry.

    The societal constructs in our consumer driven world can have us spinning; and in the spin generosity can occur as something that comes at a high price called depletion, exhaustion, self-sacrifice or worse; abandonment of self for the sake of others. My life had me see deeply into a martyrdom style of generosity that carried a resonance of sacrifice, regret and resentment. Perhaps you know something of this from your own life or lineage.

    Seeing this through the eyes of generosity can soften us into compassion for what we sometimes don’t even know we don’t know. Giving, assisting, charitable acts of kindness…. these are all good definitions for generosity.  But can one truly be of service in the world if the foundation we serve from is one of limitation, lack, depletion or comparison? Are we generous when we keep ourselves small? Are we generous when we slip into the current of self-doubt? What if we peel it back a bit? Change our orientation to one of serving from a place of honoring the expression of our own essence. What does the act of serving from this place feel like to you?

    I believe the essence of generosity is directly tied to our creative impulse. And the degree in which we are clear with our ability to be generous with ourselves, the clearer a mirror we become to reflect back the brilliance of others. The more brilliant a reflector we are, we become a demand for nothing less than sharing with and from a place of generosity of spirit.

    Every time I board an airplane I am grateful for the safety reminder that tells me to “place my oxygen mask on first before assisting others”. It reminds me that taking care of myself ….honoring myself ….loving myself ….this is what allows for me to serve in a way that has my cup runneth over.

    Our creative impulse is nourished when we sit upon the spring of our essence. In this we cultivate a rich and succulent ground for creation to spring forth. It is through our creation that we experience spirit’s generosity as it showers us in blessings!!!
    So how does Generosity live in you? A good barometer is sometimes a simple check-in:

    1. Are you feeling filled up – or depleted?
    2. Are you resting in a trusting of your heart and soul – or are you leaping from judgment to fear to justification to comparison to defending to blah blah blah….?
    3. Are you Generous toward yourself?
    4. Are you sharing your deepest self – or withholding in the name of protection?
    5. Are you of Service to yourSELF?
    6. Can you feel the essence of bounty and liberation stirring in your soul – or are you in yearning?
    7. Are you risking being “seen” – or are you in hiding?
    8. Are you having fun and feeling playful – or experiencing frustration and sadness?
    9. Can you think of 3 examples of how you express love for yourself?

    Being willing to look through the eyes of Generosity at ourselves first is where thestretch lies. The version of self that you know now…that you are familiar and comfortable with…is good.  Really good. There is nothing lacking in you right now. AND….through the act of Self-Generosity (Love), I can guarantee an opening to an experience of yourself that is deliciously more expansive….more creative….more playful….more bountiful and beautiful!

    ….take on BEING generous with you! Be Full! Take up Space! Be generous with the ones you love by sharing with them the expression of your unbridled joy!

    Whatever your honored path, my desire for you is a deepening into your heart, your essence and your own expression of Generosity within!

    Jump! And then Jump again! Spirit will catch you in Love….

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