• Living in Joy

    Today I find myself sitting with a query on my heart……and I wonder…..are we ready to live in a new paradigm of learning through joy instead of learning through suffering?  It seems the collective has been deep in dense quagmire for a good long while, and while I’ve learned from and respect the value of going through the depth of darkness lying within our shadow aspects, I am sensing into a lovely and warm “up-draft” that has the potential to elevate us from this collective agreement of learning through trauma.

    I ask myself “what does it look like to learn through joy? …..what does it require of us?” And what comes to my heart is a willingness to water the garden of pleasure.  Not as in denying all else….. but as in  delighting in all that is, and all that is not. Every tasks.  Every emotion.  Every thought.  Every awareness. Everyone.  All of these are our teachers.

    I’m not interested in creating a false sense of optimism….we’re already faced with a high risk of being seduced into a vacant sense of optimism by a consumerized quick fix version of spirituality. Don’t get me wrong….I believe any form of spirit awakening to be of service to the almighty all, and honor that there are many paths to freedom,  none requiring grandeur. I’m simply more interested in the depth of our ability to be in “right relation” with all that is.  Our ability to live and breathe life as a practice of joy and fulfillment.  As fully expressed.

    Optimism is a powerful force…..when followed by right action.   Right action allows us to experience our ability to respond to our hearts call.  Right action teaches us discernment. Informs us of our intuitions wisdom.  Right action leads us to transcending the constraints and restraints of old beliefs and fears. Allows us to hear spirits call and see our path more clearly.  And leads us to lessons derived from joy!

    How does one practice “right action”?  I believe it is one of the most organic impulses we share as humans.  An organic outcome that emerges when we learn to master the art of our most gracious guides….presence and delight.

    The greatest responsibility we share is in “living” our spiritual expressions in our day to day approach with ourselves first.  We simply cannot be in right action in the outer world if we aren’t walking that walk in the inner world first.  My friend David Elliot so eloquently says “How we do anything is how we do everything”.  This simple truth has become like scripture to me.  A gauge to show me if the waters I’m swimming in are clear or murky.

    Today, I invite you to take a look within.  How does sanctity live in your wakeful responses to everyday life?  Is the sacredness of life compartmentalized to “when you have time”?    …or something you practice in every breath you take? Do you drink in all of life with your heart, eyes, ears and nose, or are your senses awakened only in rare moments of rapture?

    We gain degrees of mastery through practice.  Whatever form that practice takes, we can rest in the comfort of knowing we are building some rigor and flexibility in the depth of creation we unearth.

    …..hmm….yes….can feel some potential here.  One thing I know with certainty is that our process, when witnessed takes us to greater heights of awareness.  As you feel called to share, I stand privileged to bear witness.

    In love and dedication ~ Carrie

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