• A New Year...

    January 2011 – a new year…always a great time to reflect, complete and turn our sights to the future!!!

    My life is in many ways unrecognizable from what it once was.  I find myself in LOVE.  Figuratively, literally, energetically and  symbolically!  The last six months have occurred for me like a vortex whereby anything and everything that was out of alignment began to come into order.  Imagine a large opening funneling toward the eye of a needle.  That which was not meant to pass through was left behind…..and that which was in right order was collected and brought through the eye to the other side.  Healed.  In Balance.  Perfection.  Glory.  Love.  Perhaps you too have experienced a form of “natural selection” yourself, yes?? One thing we can be sure of – anything in our lives that is out of integrity will surface now to be healed, requiring of us only honesty and a willingness to hold our heart in compassion as we move through to the other side.

    The degree in which we can hold ourselves in love – free of judgment – will dictate the degree of ease and grace in which we will navigate life’s changes.  I find my willingness to look with eyes wide open always facilitates a “quickening” of movement.  Life flows with ease when I am willing to see all of who I am with love. I believe our true perfection can only breathe when we’ve liberated ourselves from the idea of perfection!!!!  Perhaps you’re up for taking that game on this year!

    If you’re like me, your conditioning may be such that you look ahead at what you want to create a bit more often that pausing to relish in all that is good and yummy in your life!!  My most fulfilling spiritual practice of late has been to pause….and simply relish in the good!!

    There is much goodness I wish to share with you today!!  And oh how I would LOVE to hear from you – if you feel called – share with me the goodness of your life!

    I am practically exploding in joy with the launch of our new Alchemy of the Heart website: www.alchemyoftheheart.net , and I invite you to peruse the site for yourself.  Whether your interest be in participating in group healing sessions, private sessions, local retreat offerings, or exotic international retreats, sweat lodge ceremonies, sacred feminine classes, rites of passage rituals for men and women, or to have your own custom soul portrait or medicine bag created just for you, or play with us in the wisdom lounge you are sure to find a richness here.  You can get a sense of what’s comin’ up below as well.

    There is so much I would love to “highlight” for you in this newsletter – but for now, I’ll focus on the what has been most fun for me…..meeting the artist that lived within me which I had not known prior to this year.  I’ve had a lot of fun immersing in creativity and for some time now I have been observing the many cracks and fissures through which the energy of creativity is moving with velocity from the universe toward us…..through us…..and as us.  And as we refine our “listening” to feel this vibration – we open to the potential of pure source.  Pure creation.  Pure channel.  Pure spirit.  The greatest of all teachers this is, as it opens the wisdom keeper within us. The one who sees.  The one who knows.

    When we say “yes” to spirit – specifically as an invitation from that of a student to be shown, guided and initiated into a particular wisdom ~ spirit answers our call. And when spirit awakens within you....you know it! I have experienced this most viscerally in the past few months with my painting.

    When I became clear that I was to bring forth teachings of the Sacred Feminine as a steward for our Earth Mother, my life changed.  I began painting the language of the Goddess.  And the purity in which she moves through me is teaching me what I thought I already knew of the Goddess within me. You see, rich as it was, in comparison I was barely breathing her in.  In the saying “yes” I became an initiate. I was open to being shown that which was much greater than anything I could have imagined in my “I know this” mindset. She began to teach me of what I’d committed to walking in.  She likes it best when I open the canvas to her life force whilst adorned in a bit of beautiful lingerie, dancing to my favorite music.  The language of creation is sensual and artistic. Playful and inviting.

    Writing, Painting, Dancing, Cooking, Being in our Bodies and working with our hands are direct passage points to universal wisdom. I’m seeing creation energy as the green lampost signal shining “GO” – leading us closer to our inner wisdom which is as vast as the wisdom of the ages. And creating from this place…well I’ll just call that channeling!

    I believe we have created a large enough “vortex” of vibration from our collective commitment to evolve such that we have gained a more readily available access to the vibration of wisdom.  It is right here, available to us all.

    The way I see it there are multiple “layers” of energetic dimensional fields, each of which holds a specific “imprint of information” (ie: available teaching) accessible to us as we obtain a sustainable vibrational field that is a match to that specific field.  For me, wanting to teach of the sacred feminine….well that meant I had to be schooled in what it really was. I witness her pouring her wisdom forth in my work.  My work has become a true “collective” ….. I no longer see a line of demarcation between healing, painting, cooking, eating, dancing, cleaning writing or making love. It is all the same energy coming through. I am grateful.

    And this is what I see open for us all.  If we are willing to step outside of what we think we know and to listen to the wisdom of the energies wishing to exchange with us, we have opportunity.

    Collectively we have built enough momentum allowing for a build up of velocity around us.  Vortex like, this creates a pull similar to that of the tide drawing many closer to it’s vibration.  This velocity of movement is thinning the veils now, allowing more of us to see clearly what is before us. I believe this is why we are experiencing “time” as accelerated and abstract.

    As many of us awaken – we enter in to the dreamtime to awaken those still in slumber.

    Today I invite you to open up your mind.  Open up your heart.  and Enter into Love with your Beloved. Allow the Alchemy of your Heart to guide you.  To teach you.  To humble and inspire you. Paint in your underwear ~ sing in the shower ~ dance in your living room and kiss more!!!!
    As always ~ in dedication to the process of peace on the planet,



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