Canoeing the Colorado River

Canoeing the Colorado River
  • Canoeing the Colorado River
  • Canoeing the Colorado River

Community Retreat ♦ Colorado River ♦ 2021 Dates Coming Soon...

Join Andrew Soliz of Sacred Ways, and Carrie Woodburn of Alchemy of the Heart for a very special Canoe Journey along the Colorado River where the river flows calmly between massive walls of rock washed over time.

We bring our hardness to these waters and it softens our souls.....these waters warm, soothe and set us free.  Free to explore our nature as we sit with nature....pray in a vapor cave....stand beneath a hot natural shower as she massages us with her warming healing waterfall....and sit within a rivulet of water meditating in a hot spring pool.


At the shore of the river where we camp in the night, we sit in council by the fire, sit together in sweat lodge built together, sit together for a twilight chant, and breathe together under the unfettered womb of the starry night sky....all the while connected to the water.

Water always wins...having given over to the water, we transform...we emerge with softened hearts, gentler eyes, and a calmer state of being.

Due to launch permit restrictions, number of participants in this sacred journey is limited.  If you feel called to join we invite you to reserve your space 


  • $690 Includes double occupancy hotel Wednesday night, three nights on the river, kayaking gear, all meals while on the river, river permits and guidance.
  • Camping gear, personal snacks and drinks are not provided or included in the fee.
  • We launch at the base of Hoover Dam in Boulder City, Nevada Thursday morning, returning Sunday afternoon. 
  • Details and packing list will be provided upon registration.


  • $200 non-refundable deposit will hold your space.
  • Balance due 2 weeks prior to launch.
  • We are sorry but we cannot grant refunds for cancellations made less than three weeks prior to launch


"This adventure deepened my resolve to continue pushing my personal envelope and move outside my comfort zone to confront my little demons head on and cast them aside. The group was fantastic and supportive of each other. The food - the food - was divine. I dream about campfire spaghetti and meatballs! The smiles, the sunshine, the stars, the sweat lodge, the slimy moss wall, the slap of the paddles against the water will live in me forever" - K. Quigley, massage therapist

Spending time with Ceremonial Leader Andrew Soliz could very well alter the way you look at the sun, the stars, and the canvas that is your life. Tatankamani (Walking Buffalo), a Pipe Carrier, Sun Dancer, and Healer, carries the traditional teachings of Native American people with wisdom, compassion and concern for the tiospaye that is the human family.
By listening deeply and with compassion, Andrew guides people to bring forth their own unique healing powers. He holds sacred space with his gentle strength and integrity providing an opportunity for healing and to celebrate the spirit of each of us.

Carrie is a Certified Energy Health Practitioner and Alchemist. Alchemy of the Heart evolved out of Carrie's experience of the power of the human heart to heal and awaken consciousness. She is deeply committed as a catalyst for positive change in community and in the world. She helps people connect with their hearts which creates an opening for healing and a rich experience of truth.

Carrie facilitates group programs that awaken, inspire and empower others to make effective, lasting change, opening a new context and orientation for "well"-"being" as a place to begin from vs. arrive to.

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