Island of Bali Retreat

Island of Bali Retreat
  • Island of Bali Retreat
  • Island of Bali Retreat
  • Island of Bali Retreat
  • Island of Bali Retreat

Experience a Sacred Alchemy Retreat on the Mystical Island of Bali

Ancient Teachings to guide you through Modern Times with Carrie Woodburn, Alchemical Practitioner and Andrew Soliz, Sacred Ways Native American Ceremonial Leader

Bali ♦ No current date is scheduled - please check back 2021

Ancient teachings have always been available to humanity. Now more than ever communications are being shared to guide us through our experience on Earth. We are living in a time of prophecy where these teachings have a place in our lives more than ever before. Not only is it important to discover these teachings, but to learn to integrate them into our lives. Our environment is changing. Whether we like it or not. Being prepared for that will not only change our ability to live more fully, but our ability to evolve spiritually. Understanding these changes opens the opportunity to expand and grow beyond feelings of overwhelm.
"Together, Andrew and Carrie bring forth a unique and joyful balance of the Divine aspects of the Masculine and Feminine Energies in their offerings, leaving one full in an experience of healing, laughter and joy"

Join us for a trans-formative and playful ten days in Bali. Through Traditional Native American teachings, Alchemical Energy Vibrational Healing, Breathwork, Yoga and Indigenous Explorations, Carrie and Andrew will guide you through a journey of a lifetime.
The alchemists way is one of expanding consciousness and shifting perception. It requires only a degree of courage and inquisitiveness to begin. Herein lies an invitation....come the gateway and experience the Sacred Alchemy of Your Heart in Beautiful BALI!!!!


  • $2,688 Includes all excursions, meals and beautiful accommodations
  • (double occupancy - airfare to Denpasar not included - to ensure accuracy, please do not make airline reservations until we've consulted)
  • No Refunds beyond March 1, 2016

Retreat Sampling

  • Traditional Balinese and Native American Ceremony
  • Pranic Breathwork
  • Yoga
  • Jungle Hiking to Sacred Waterfall
  • Evening Temple Ceremony
  • Offering Basket Making
  • Healing Massage
  • Tantric Shaman Reading
  • River Rafting
  • Sacred Hot Springs
  • Snorkeling

*No Experience or Special Skills Required - Excursions will be accessible and comfortable for all

Spending time with Andrew Soliz could very well alter the way you look at the sun, the stars, and the canvas that is your life. Tatankamani (Walking Buffalo), carries the traditional teachings of Native American people with wisdom, compassion and concern for the human family.
By listening deeply and with compassion, Andrew guides people to bring forth their own unique healing powers.  He holds sacred space with his gentle strength and integrity providing an opportunity for healing and to celebrate the spirit of each of us.

Carrie is an Artist, Energy Healer Practitioner, Teacher of Mystery and Alchemist of Movement, Energy and Form. She helps all walks of people connect with their hearts which creates an opening for healing and a rich experience of truth.
Carrie believes we are experiencing the most significant time in human evolution since we began to "walk upright", with our future dependent on our ability to awaken to our potential in what she refers to as "A Mystic Renaissance".
She facilitates group programs that awaken, inspire and empower others to make effective, lasting change, opening a new context and orientation for "well"-"being" as a place to begin from vs. arrive to.


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