Corporate Trainings and Retreats

Corporate Trainings and Retreats
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Corporate Training's and Retreats can be structured as one-day, two-day, three-day or week long at your location or one of our custom off-site locations.

To inquire about booking your Corporate Training, Retreat, or discuss our Coaching Platform click here. We look forward to developing your custom offering.

  • How many people in your organization are truly “working” for your company?
  • What is an honest rating of your own level of passion in your daily work experience? 
  • Do you remember your commitment in why you chose to do the work you do?
  • Are you feeling energized, filled up and inspired? Or apathetic, and depleted?
  • What do you do to personally improve your leadership skills?

"In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists." - Eric Hoffer, American Philosopher

Do you see yourself as a highly effective person? One who has a passion for life and a deep commitment to your work? It has been said that leaders don’t just settle into what they know. Leaders continually stretch and have a fundamental understanding of personal development as an essential component to their success.

Vitality, Passion and Purpose are our vanguards when we are living an authentic expression of our own unique genius in our work and in our personal lives. These qualities and characteristics stimulate the energy that circulates through our lives, creating a sense of purpose and fulfillment. What does it mean to be passionate about your work? Is your work moving you closer to expressing who you really are? Leadership, charisma and energy flow from your passion and commitment and directly affect how others respond to your influence.

Corporate Retreats provide the participants with a compelling framework designed to deepen a reservoir of mindfulness, re-awaken a sense of purpose and commitment, and create an overflow of passion to draw from in business and everyday life.

  • Awaken to the emergence of a more conscious and responsible form of leadership
  • Experience a cutting edge methodology rarely shared in Corporate settings
  • Learn valuable tools for navigating this time of rapid change
  • Break down the barriers and constructs around what you may perceive as limitations
  • Liberate yourself from unpleasant egoic patterning 
  • Discover a clarity of purpose like never before
  • Recognize what your influence really wants to impart upon others
  • Create balance in your professional and personal life
  • Let go of adaptation, sacrifice and manipulation, allowing you to rest in the experience of your true creative impulse
  • Remember why you chose this path…shake the bushes and FEEL YOUR AUTHENTICITY!


We can come to you for customized training's!  Alternately, you may wish to consider one of our beautiful and luxurious settings available to accommodate your specifically tailored retreat. Accommodation options will be presented after an initial consultation which will determine your preferred location, number of participants and other preferences.

About Carrie

Alchemy of the Heart - Awaken Your True Heart - About Carrie Woodburn

Carrie Woodburn's career encompasses over twenty five years of senior management and leadership in healthcare.  In her current role as CEO of Sterling Medical, she developed a profound interest in the aspects of what it means to be successful.  Not only in business, but in life.  Drawing from her past experience in the Healing Arts, she began to integrate aspects of spirituality into the corporate culture, specifically in the area of conscious communications.

Carrie has since developed a Practice as a Corporate Trainer, Consultant, Life Coach and Group/Retreat Facilitator through Alchemy of the Heart which evolved out of her commitment to affect positive change in her community and in the world.  She is particularly interested in bridging the gap between complimentary and conventional beliefs – not only in healthcare, but in Corporate America.  She believes we are on the brink of a significant evolution in human consciousness, one that will have a historic impact to our future.

In her work she began to see a common thread in that many seemed to be experiencing an impulse to evolve – to seek a greater sense of fulfillment.  She believes this is the catalyst that is causing many to awaken to a greater sense of responsibility.  Carrie is deeply committed to doing her part in creating a future that is guided by love instead of fear and believes this is dependent on each of us “waking up” to our authentic selves and being an expression of that in our work and in the world.

“I am interested in “right-action”.  The wisdom of the heart knows what it means to walk in right action. And it will live differently for each participant because of their own unique mission, path and potential to activate their inner genius.  A genius that is not just of the intellect, but of the heart.  The collective wisdom of our hearts has the potential to change everything in terms of how we “be” with one another in the world and in the workplace.  It is time to remember our brilliance and potential.  To shine beyond the constraints limiting our creativity. What I value most is to witness what happens when the cork one has held in place for so long finally explodes!” - Carrie Woodburn, facilitator

About Andrew

Spending time with Andrew Soliz, could very well alter the way you look at the sun, the stars and the canvas that is your life. Andrew carries the traditional teachings of Native American people with wisdom, compassion and concern for all of humanity.

Andrew believes there is a rapid change occurring globally, and with old paradigms breaking down we have an opening for the emergence of a more conscious, responsible form of leadership.  He says, “Ready or not, our world is changing, and as leaders we have a responsibility to look to the future.” By listening deeply and with compassion, Andrew guides people to bring forth their own unique strength so they are awake to the opportunities presenting in our workplace, in our homes and in our world.  Through his gentle strength and integrity he provides for an opportunity for others to step fully into who they really are.

“Our Native Elders would say, “Don’t just get old…learn something”. No matter where we are in life, until we die…until we take our last breath…we are learning. And it is from this place that we come.” -Andrew Soliz, facilitator

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